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Discover the Solatube Levante natural lighting system and save on your business

09 July 2019 - 09: 56

Solatube LevanteWith more than 20 years of experience in natural lighting, you have the perfect solution to save energy and money in your business. Your lighting system allows you to increase the productivity of your employees and reduce absenteeism.

Your solar light tubes will illuminate your business without the need to have a space with direct light. This change provides positive consequences for the health of the people who work in your company, since it has positive effects on both health and mood.

In addition, your lights will allow you to obtain significant energy savings. You can get to save more than 2.400 hours of electricity per year. And last but not least, its CoolTube technology does not transfer solar heat.

Solatube Levante provides you with light regulation, so that you can determine your quantity according to the needs of your business at all times.

Discover all the information by calling 965 587 501.

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