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Two people in Dénia are penalized for coming from another Autonomous Community during the State of Alarm

25 2020 April - 14: 00

After 43 days of confinement, complaints continue for non-compliance with the decree of the state of alarm in Dénia. On Friday, the Local Police and National Police in Dénia filed a total of 33 complaint acts, identified a total of 126 people, controlled 386 vehicles and detained one person.

Among the complaints, excuses are repeated for going out to buy without justification, having traveled from another Autonomous Community, long walks and infringement of the coexistence ordinance, the latter occurs in the Plaza Valgamedios where the agents are notified of discomfort in a home, they go to and draw up a report for violation of the coexistence ordinance. The situation is repeated an hour and a half later and a record is drawn for disobedience.

The Police also identifies a vehicle with two occupants in the front on Montgó Avenue, which does not justify its presence in Dénia or on public roads. The agents confirm that they come from another autonomous community and that they have arrived in our city after the decree of the state of alarm. Both are sanctioned.

Also, CV-725 sanctions two people who are accessing an establishment closed to the public through the back door to buy.

And on Avenida de Gandia, inside an urbanization, two people are located sunbathing in the pool, so both are punished.

  1. Joselito says:

    Hello Jose
    What part of staying home do you not understand?
    I am clear and I have no problems.

  2. Joseph says:

    What police pride we have !! Controls throughout Denia as if they were looking for terrorists and what they find is Denia's own neighbors who have only come out to take the fresh air for a few minutes after almost 2 months locked up and do not hesitate to fine them with a similar amount to the monthly salary of that neighbor ,.
    Curiously, people from Denia are finely and sinisterly fined right and left with very bad milk and at the same time at 8 in the afternoon each day they smile at people with sirens on (strange combination). The most incredible thing is how the media report the complaints, those neighbors who have been fined for going down to breathe for a few minutes on the street seem like real criminals!

    I imagine there will be everything, but I think that some enjoy this situation by exercising a power that they need to demonstrate before others.

    I hope that when the central government already cancels the state of alarm and leaves the mayors in control of their localities, they also do not want to exercise their power and notoriety, wanting to demonstrate to the citizens that they care about us and put us back now the simple mayors more restrictions on our freedom

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