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If you're good eating, daily menus of El Mosset

25 October 2013 - 00: 00

By now you should know that the Mosset He is back, as good and as exquisite as ever. But do you already know their menus? Attentive because I am going to present them to you.

The Mosset to put at your disposal 3 different menus to choose yourself.

Now you can eat dishes based first:
- Salted salad,
- Iberian ham and cheese,
- Stuffed mushrooms,
- Breaded asparagus,
- Poor potatoes with sausage
- And dessert,

All for 10 euros !!

And if you prefer, Gourmet Menu:
- Salad with cabara cheese, shrimp and nuts,
- Duck Micuit
- Potato to the poor
- Galician Entrecot
- and dessert for 12 euros.

This is a good menu. Would you know how to choose? You know, eat El Mosset.

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