Health resumes vaccination in the Valencian Community

29 December 2020 - 10: 06

The Department of Universal Health and Public Health resumed this Tuesday the vaccination program against COVID-19 in some residences of the Valencian Community, after the logistical problem suffered by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer that has prevented the distribution of vaccines to several countries in Europe, including Spain.

The resumption of vaccination is carried out this Tuesday in some residences, depending on the arrival time of the doses at the three distribution centers and their subsequent distribution.

The Valencian Community began this Sunday vaccination against the coronavirus with 775 doses of the Pfizer vaccine in seven nursing homes.

Starting now every week, Pfizer is committed to delivering around 30.000 doses. Alicante will receive 10.000 doses, 5.000 Castellón and 16.000 the province of Valencia.

The department has designed a work plan so that people who reside or work in nursing homes and in homes with people with functional diversity, have received the first dose in mid-January.

The next group of vaccination is that of health personnel. Vaccination will be carried out according to the availability of the doses and progress will be made in each of the groups based on this availability.

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