Take advantage of your outdoor spaces with the fantastic pergolas and solar protection systems of Tecniven

12 2018 April - 11: 10

Finally the good weather arrives and we want to enjoy the sun on our terraces and to protect ourselves we consider installing a pergola. But ... What is the best we can choose? In Tecniven, they have spent more than 25 years dedicating themselves to the installation of these systems. They know that the most important thing is to know the needs of the client first and advise on the different existing solutions in the market, in order to lead to the decision that best suits their expectations.

Among the factors to consider, highlights the use that you will give the pergola, in addition to whether it would be used throughout the year or only in the summer season.

The large part of these awnings serve only for sun protection but not to protect us from the rain. For this purpose, the roofs and glazing are more recommendable, which allow us to use the terrace throughout the year, allowing even to make it habitable.

There is a wide variety of products in the market and currently is innovating a lot in this sector, are now the trend pergolas bioclimatic, a very interesting system composed of horizontal slats on a structure that are oriented and allow us to graduate the entry of Sun. In addition, once closed, they also protect us from the rain, which allows us to use it optimally throughout the year.

Due to the great variety of products, it is very important to inform about the technical characteristics regarding the quality and usability of the product and of course, since we are going to make a decision of this type, we do not have to forget the aesthetic part, the design and the finishes give a plus in the decoration of our homes.

If you want to discover many more designs in pergolas and solar protection systems, do not hesitate to visit Tecniven in Calle Abú Zeyán, 2, Dénia.

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