Tecniven has various solutions for thermal insulation of homes and businesses

November 05 from 2018 - 13: 22

Tecniven It has a perfect thermal insulation of PVC ideal for your new home. The Tecniven pre-frames have numerous advantages for your new work:

- Reduction of the temporary dependence of the various construction elements.
- Standardized work connection and hermetic with thermal insulation.
- Darkening guides and rails integrated in the pre-frame.
- Standard connections between the pre-frame and all window and door systems.
- Windows and doors are installed shortly before use, so they do not suffer damage or get dirty during construction.
- In the future the windows can be changed without the need for works.


For the past 25 years, Tecniven is dedicated to the manufacture of verandas equipped with thermal insulation with PVC and PVC-aluminum profiles reinforced with steel. This system of verandas is ideal to expand a space at home or in companies. Thanks to this wide range, a wide variety of shapes and colors can be offered.

This system of verandas has the ability to adapt, thermal insulation and the perfect quality-price ratio. The system of glazed fronts manages to satisfy the need for large glass surfaces with the minimum visible frame.

The Vista system is offered with combined frames of PVC and aluminum or aluminum on both sides. It provides excellent thermal protection compared to traditional aluminum systems. This is achieved thanks to the PVC core of the profiles, with steel incorporated to obtain the necessary stability.

Large glass surfaces require large openings. The Vista system, equipped with large sliding doors, does not obstruct views or access to the exterior.

For more information, about thermal insulation do not hesitate to contact Tecniven on the 966 435 278 phone.

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