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Book your place at Orenda for the Specialization Course in Biological Biodesprogramación

20 June 2016 - 09: 33

Will take place soon Specialization Course in Biological Biodesprogramación Orenda, where you can acquire knowledge to perform this practice that has to do with health and well-being and is based on the meaning or biological sense of the symptoms of disease.

To give you more details about this course and to better explain this discipline, the next September 9, there will be a presentation by Professor Francisco Ibañez. This talk will be free and you can register for the October course in Orenda, both on our 965780690 phone and by e-mail: centroorenda@gmail.com.


What is Biological Decoding?

"Biological Decoding is a therapeutic and health-based approach meaning or biological sense of the symptoms of disease. It is a path toward understanding the disease and the mechanisms that allow healing consciousness and thus heal the body. This form of accompaniment allows to know the encoding mechanism of disease, whether physical, functional, organic, psychological or behavioral.

The Biological Decoding Therapist, practices the art of deciphering, of listening organically, of finding the moment of entry into the disease or moment of "bioschok", to subsequently apply protocols based on each symptomatic manifestation to arrive at the best solution possible. ”, explains Christian Fleche.

It is a method that works, from the symptomatology, to reach the repressed emotion in the unconscious (as a hidden file). If the person can make it conscious and express it verbally, by understanding the origin of the conflict and transforming that emotion begins its healing process.

Some of the tools that are used, according to the problems of each client, are neurolinguistic programming (NLP), Ericksonian hypnosis, transgenerational study, Memorized Biological Cycles, psychogenealogy, guided introspection, reprocessing of information unconscious, emotional kinesiology, etc.

What conditions can relieve or prevent the method?

Since the brain is the programmer of all vital processes, through biological decoding, any disease can be decoded, deprogrammed, whenever the client desires it (consciously and unconsciously). There are no limits to the brain.

There are many testimonials from people with both physical symptoms and diseases: tumors, hypothyroidism, back pain, allergies, etc., as mental depression, phobia, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, etc. who have experienced the benefits of this method.

It is indicated for all those people who seek health and emotional balance. It is important that the client commits to his healing.

Our emotional brain controls everything that governs the psychological well-being and much of the biology of the body. Emotional disorders result from dysfunctions of the brain. These dysfunctions are rooted in painful experiences in the past and are printed in indelible way the emotional brain.

These experiences control our perceptions, although many years have passed.
The Biodesprogramación develops the ability to identify and regulate your own emotional state as well as the ability to understand the natural development of emotions.
In Orenda Center you can make your personal consultation with our expert on Biological Biodesprogramación; Juanjo Albar.

For more information please visit Orenda Center in C / Senija, No. 5-low, Dénia.

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