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Start taking care of yourself with the new nutritionist, Noelia Gonzalez, in Orenda

08 March 2019 - 11: 48

En Orenda They already have a new nutritionist. Noelia Gonzalez will be at Orenda's facilities every Tuesday, full-time on mornings and afternoons. Thanks to her, you can have a healthy nutrition advice and that will help you feel good. We have been in Orenda talking with Noelia and she has solved many frequent doubts:

Hello Noelia, I have a question that many readers may also ask themselves: Why do some people have the facility to lose weight and others find it very difficult?

Hello, it is a very good question and quite complex, since there are many aspects involved in weight. It has a lot to do with our physical complexion, our habits of life, if we medicate, our age, insufficiency of some mineral and much to do with the emotions, which affect that we may have eating disorders.

For example, a woman of menopausal age, with sedentary lifestyle habits and a health problem involving medication, is likely to lose weight with a little more effort than a young person who does sports and does not take medicine.
Something that is not so well known is that the lack of magnesium or zinc can make us fat because of its involvement in all the metabolic stages of glucose or free fatty acids.

And then, what do you recommend? What do you think is the best diet?

The best diet is the one that is not a diet but a change in the style of feeding and lifestyle. Learn good habits; know what to eat and how to combine food to activate the metabolism, activate us through a physical activity that we like, and know that this is not something that we do provisionally, but a change that will remain in our day to day, will help us feel comfortable and happy to take care of us and give us what we need. The reward will be to see ourselves better, more agile, more healthy.

And what do we do if we want to start taking care of ourselves?

Call us on the 96 578 06 90 phone or send us a whatsapp to the 625 501 837 number. In Orenda we will attend you and we will accompany you to achieve your purpose.

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