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Renfe in Dénia

May 21 from 2012 - 10: 56

The claim of a railway line linking Denia to Gandia is historic in the city. While at the end of 2011 the mayor of the city signed the agreement with the Ministry of Public Works to launch the so-called Tren de la Costa, which would connect the two cities, the project is today unknown as the economic situation can invest in important infrastructure.

Denia to Alicante Renfe

The only train station that exists in Denia is located in the Paseo del Saladar, near the port and has only one line connecting Denia with Alicante through towns like Altea, Benidorm and Villajoyosa. This is the line L9 TRAM which reaches Luceros (Alicante).

Renfe timetables Denia to Alicante

The traveler can use this line from early morning until about 23 hours of the night towards Alicante, and from the 5 21 hours morning until approximately towards Denia. There are approximately trains every 30 minutes, and the entire track is approximately 2 30 hours and minutes with a link in Benidorm. The busiest line stops are Denia, Teulada, Calpe, Altea, Benidorm and El Campello.

You can check the timetables in this document.

Dénia tickets to Alicante

Tickets from Denia to Alicante train can be purchased at the station of Denia at the time of the trip, since it is a journey that does not need to reserve at a price of around 10 euros pr full itinerary.

Renfe near Denia to Valencia

Unfortunately no Dénia has more rail link to any other part of the country that Alicante. To get to Valencia by train no choice but to move to the nearest Renfe station, which in this case is Gandia, about 30 kilometers from Denia, where travelers can use the nearby Valencia and even the AVE for every day of the week. From there you can reach the North Station Valencia, in the heart of the city of Valencia.

  1. Juan Carlos says:

    The titles of the sections "From Dénia to Alicante in Renfe" and "Schedules from Renfe from Dénia to Alicante" should change, there is NO such railroad relationship served by the RENFE company and it may lead to error ...
    As it is said, the line is the L9 of the Tram, on the old line of «Trenet de La Marina» of metric route (1 m. Wide) and belongs to FGV (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana), nothing to do with RENFE .

  2. Javier says:

    I'm in a wheelchair, how is the accessibility to go from Denia to Alicante? ...

  3. Pepi says:

    It is necessary that Denia is better communicated with Valencia and with Madrid. The train is essential for this.
    I hope the gentlemen of Fomento fix it before they spend 1000 years.

  4. Jose Maria Lafora Ballesteros says:

    It is urgent that you allow pets with you on the train from Alicante to Denia. We are many users that we miss a regulation in this sense. They could even enable certain schedules for the possibility of traveling with pets.

  5. Pillar says:

    My husband and I recently we live in Denia and although we like living here, we miss not having a train to take us to Valencia, the bus takes longer and you get very tired, the better the train is more comfortable and be better my husband who suffers from a neurological problem and the bus bothers you enough, please do something soon to have a train and a station where we can take travelers to different places in our country, in Denia much money is collected taxpayers and those who are not and should notice more infrastructure spending and made also order cleaning and street furniture and gardens and fountains and better streets arranged, all that this city of Denia really looks beautiful cozy, I'm willing to do my part and you? Thank you and get to work

  6. Joseph says:

    The May 15 moved me to Denia I bought a matched and I fix my residence there. And SURPRISE Denia is quite isolated. It is a tourist city with pretensions of town where communications are ???????? Is a drama go from Denia to Alicante let alone to Valencia
    Government of the Valencian community for all of us worked n it that's why we pay his salary (not little)

  7. yolanda says:

    To have the level that has Denia is a shame that there is a train that communicate with Valencia or Gandia and not later 2.30 horas.Vamos it takes less time to go from Madrid to Alicante or Valencia from Alicante to Denia.

  8. Angel B. says:

    JA Volem the Gandia-Dénia! Train

  9. Pere shots says:

    I have thought about going to the 15 May Denia

  10. Pere shots says:

    The service is still in force ie trains Denia work right now?

  11. Francisco M says:

    Too complicated it would be to incorporate a section with train schedules ?, I think not, and would be very useful for potential users.

  12. Constantin says:

    I can bring my dog ​​by train from Denia to Alicante

    • Juan says:

      It depends on the Humor that the Controller has the day that you want to travel with your pet:
      This is the answer I received at Denia station one day when I asked this question. We are left with the doubt. The train has been taken away

  13. hugo alberto Lopez Gonzalez says:

    You might want to train schedules Denia and out of all but the times that they do not easier

  14. Mioguel Pons says:

    Can I take my bike from Denia to Alicante? - At what price?

  15. patricia says:

    a train that communicates with Valencia and Alicante, please !!!!
    not to ??? money because for birds and expressways seems to be missing.
    not all have car to move.
    !!! more public transport and less private !!

  16. Anonymous says:

    JA Volem the Gandia-Dénia! Train

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