Life returns to Dianenses terraces despite the fact that the weather does not accompany

01 March 2021 - 11: 13

From today the terraces of Dénia are illuminated with the presence of clients who return to meet their favorite places for breakfast and lunch. They light up, we insist, with their presence, because the sun at all wanted to be part of this day so celebrated, reluctantly, by hoteliers.

Under a dark sky that threatens rain, the bars, cafes and restaurants have been open from the first hour to reconnect with their customers. The terraces have once again occupied the Dianense public road and the neighbors have come to enjoy these spaces again.

"What a joy to see life again!", has been heard among customers. "There we are, we are there!", a hotelier answered laughing.

After about a month and a half, the sector has been able to resume its activity and, although some expected or demanded more facilities in this first phase of de-escalation, the truth is that it is a day that has been celebrated.

As a novelty, for the moment workers are more strict with the use of masks, since the Consell has insisted and made it very clear that it can only be withdrawn to consume. However, it is something that does not seem to worry a clientele that has attended to consume again in these establishments, complying with all the measures. Of course, warm and with the umbrella at hand.

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