What gives you a window of PVC?

May 23 from 2014 - 14: 25

Renew your windows taking advantage of special discounts Alu-Cardona for PVC joinery, KBE system 70 5 mm with isolation chambers.

Reasons to Switch to PVC windows

  • Greater thermal insulation, since PVC profiles Alu-Cardona are by far by less energy is lost. Recent tests on the KBE profiles further enhance results on the U-value or thermal transmittance. For example, the system 70 millimeters reaches values ​​up 1,4 W / m2K.
  • Greater sound insulation, windows are often the weakest element of the facade in terms of sound insulation and can ruin the overall insulation construction. It is therefore very important suitable choice of the components thereof to ensure acceptable levels of sound attenuation.
  • A higher degree of tightness and wind resistance.
  • A high watertightness and air permeability.

Thermal insulated double glazing windows Dénia

Greenline concept

In addition, PVC Alu-Cardona profiles are manufactured under the concept Greenline that rests on three basic pillars for the manufacture of doors and windows of the future.

  1. Energy saving as a well-conceived, well-built and well installed woodwork is a key to achieve effective energy savings factor.
  2. Recycling of production cuts, even the old racks of PVC. Recycling can obviously reduce the energy required for the production of new material, but is itself an effective way to control the material discarded.
  3. Optimization of the components of the raw material, being purer, allow us to guarantee a durability and an aging of the works of enclosures without any type of degradation or risk for the man.

Now is the time to start saving installing new windows and making your home more efficient with Alu-Cardona.

70 5mm KBE system with isolation chambers

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