Protect what you love most with the insurance of Gestoría Puig Cañamás

February 22 from 2021 - 08: 00

Our life has been changing and evolving a lot in recent years. In gestoría Puig Cañamás insure your car, your boat or design your pension plan. But also, they insure your electric scooter, your bike and your mobile, among other things. If they are very valuable objects for you, why not have them protected?

In Gestoría Puig Cañamás they have a digital life insurance. Do you know what it is? Protect yourself and your family with Klinc life insurance from the Zurich company. Take care of your future and that of yours in the simplest way, because it is 100% digital insurance.

Secure your mobile It is always a good idea, but it is highly recommended when the cost of the device is high. If you are concerned about what might happen to it, the Zurich company offers you coverage for accidental damage, for liquids and for robbery, as well as an agile and easy management of your coverage. You can also have a safe for your laptop or your smartwatch.

Protect what matters most to you with Gestoría Puig Cañamás. They are on Calle La Mar, 28 ground floor. They attend you on the phone 965 78 00 92.

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