Do you use the electric scooter? Everything you need to know about the new ordinance with Gestería Puig Cañamás

February 27 from 2020 - 09: 00

A few days ago, the Ordinance for Personal Mobility Vehicles (VMP): platforms, scooters and segway, Among others. Gestoría Puig Cañamas It explains the new regulations and the requirements to drive them. With this information you can avoid complications and enjoy your means of transport. Here you have everything!

If you drive a type A vehicle, such as single-wheel platforms, two-wheel platforms and electric scooters on which foot is circulated, the speed limit is 20 km / h. You need to wear a helmet and be 16 years old or be accompanied and under the responsibility of a guardian or parent. The routes on which you can drive are: segregated bike lanes (those that are completely separated from the road) and public spaces of a width equal to or greater than 5 meters.

If you carry a type B vehicle, such as a segway or an electric scooters in which he circulates sitting, the speed limit is 30 km / h. You must wear a helmet, have a civil liability insurance, red and white front rear light, doorbell and be at least 18 years old. The roads that you can travel on are: unsecured bike lanes (those painted on the road itself), and along the road or shoulder in a row.

The C vehicles, bicycles to distribute goods, bicycles to transport people and bicycles with car for personal use They can circulate up to 45 km / h. The requirements are the same as those of type B vehicles: helmet, liability insurance, front red and white rear light, doorbell and be at least 18 years old. You can drive on unsecured bike lanes and on the road or shoulder in a row.

Remember, it is very important: all these vehicles have sidewalks prohibited.

Was this information useful? It has gestoría Puig Cañamás to help you keep in order everything you need to enjoy your VMP vehicle or any means of transport: vehicle management, transport, insurance. Contact them on the phone 965 78 00 92, or stop by Calle La Mar 28, bajo.

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