February 15 from 2021 - 13: 27

On February 19 and 20 the Shopping Center Portal de la Marina organize an anniversary event in which hundreds of euros will be distributed and a € 500 Gift Card will also be raffled.

With the name "The 13th of luck", Portal de la Marina faces its thirteenth anniversary in the most optimistic way and seeks to shed the bonds of superstitions, making it possible to get different gifts precisely thanks to that number.

Just to get closer to the stand birthday party located on the ground floor of the shopping center and be part of its loyalty club, the Club de los Disfrutones, customers and visitors can win € 20, € 50 or € 100 gift cards. In addition, all the people who participate will be entered into the raffle for a € 500 gift card and will receive a gift as a birthday present.

In the words of the center's director, Virginia Carrasco, “Celebrating a birthday with joy these days is something complicated. However, at Portal de la Marina we are always committed to seeing life with optimism. Therefore, on our thirteenth anniversary we wanted to say goodbye to superstition and show that even this number can bring very good luck. This birthday the gifts are made by us. We hope to distribute many prizes and much joy among all our neighbors in the Marina Alta ”.

Of course, all events and special actions will have adequate hygiene measures and extra reinforcement to ensure that all security protocols are met and visits by the public to the shopping center are carried out within a framework of satisfactory security and trust.

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