Glorieta Polyclinic implants the first Biotronik IIIm insertable remote heart monitor in Spain

20 October 2020 - 10: 46

Last Friday, October 16, 2020 took place in Roundabout Polyclinic de Dénia the implant of the first insertable remote heart monitor Biotronik IIIm that has been carried out in Spain. Dr. Fernando de la Guía, a specialist in cardiology and responsible for it at the Polyclinic, was the one who directed this implant.

Dr. de la Guía, with extensive experience in the field of clinical cardiology, proceeded to implant a long-term subcutaneous Holter system, the first model Biotronik IIIm used in our country, in a patient who was presenting episodes of very symptomatic habitual palpitations, with previous 24-hour Holter-ECG studies without pathological results, associated with habitual dizziness, with a very slow heartbeat (bradycardia) and presynchronous situations (without reach loss of consciousness).

The Guide doctor explains that “This new Biotronik device has numerous advantages compared to the external event recorders used up to now, with a very simple implantation technique, in approximately one minute, with equipment designed for easy and comfortable implantation, it increases the surface area detection and greatly improves electrocardiogram (ECG) signals, adding highly intuitive computer monitoring with optimal ECG recordings ”. In addition, it indicates that "The new BIOMONITOR IIIm is smaller than the previous model, and its flexible antenna makes it very comfortable for the patient."

The cardiology service of Policlínica Glorieta, led by Dr. Fernando de la Guía, an active member of the Spanish Society of Cardiology, currently has a very complete team for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all cardiovascular problems, counting with a multidisciplinary team (neurology, internal medicine, pulmonology, family medicine) and the most modern structural and technological equipment, with a team of arrhythmias led by Dr. Aurelio Quesada (Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir) who is in charge of performing electrophysiological studies and catheter ablations for the treatment of all types of cardiac arrhythmias, pacemaker implants and defibrillators, as well as cardiac resynchronization therapy for patients with chronic heart failure. In addition, it has the invaluable collaboration of Dr. Edgardo Alania.

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