Roundabout Polyclinic

Work on Roundabout Polyclinic It is based on three pillars, structure based on the philosophy that apply to all patients:

The team consists of professionals in continuing education to stay ahead in medical diagnosis and treatment. A professional and experienced team.

Their ability to work together allows certain diseases that need to be addressed from different medical fields, are diagnosed and treated immediately close medical collaboration.

Finally, they offer a warm and personal treatment to the patient, dedicating time and care to listen to them to attend to them in a personalized way and make them feel at home, both in their office visits and in the plant.

Therefore, Roundabout Polyclinic It is a good choice for your health.


Madrigueres starting Sud, 9 -

  1. Gisela Kramm-Bombeck says:

    Have you ever had Hals-Nasen und Ohrenarzt?

    • Chiara says:

      Hello Frau Kramp-Bombeck,

      einen Hals-Nasen und Ohrenarzt have wir leider nicht. In diesen fällen vergeben wir einen Termin einen Termin mit dem Dr. med. Meyer-Josten (Allgemeinmediziner und Ärztlicher Direktor).

      Liebe Grüsse,


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