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We can undertakes to plant 1.000 native trees in the next legislature

May 10 from 2019 - 12: 31

We can Denia He has presented the government program for the next legislature. It is a program approved by the assembly that highlights 15 urgent measures among which, among others, the planting of 1.000 native trees throughout the next 4 years in public spaces.

From Podemos they affirm that "it is a realistic and possible program that will help to improve our city and the life of our neighbors" elaborated by a wide group of professionals in the different sections.

The 15 urgent measures of Podemos

  • 1. A greater EQUITY in the budgets destined to the different districts of Dénia.
  • 2. Favor the production of renewable energies in the municipality, generating them in the municipal facilities that meet the requirements.
  • 3. Apply programs and measures to alleviate and eradicate energy poverty.
  • 4. Commitment to plant 1.000 autochthonous trees in public spaces during the next legislature.
  • 5. Eradicate the use of glyphosate in parks and gardens by municipal brigades.
  • 6. Promote the consumption of Km 0 products in school canteens.
  • 7. Study of Aqualia's concession contract for drinking water service by the City Council.
  • 8. Create a monitoring and control commission for cleaning services, garbage, gardening and water supply.
  • 9. Limit public works during the summer period.
  • 10. Sheltered housing for victims of sexist violence.
  • 11. Elimination of architectural barriers and adaptation of signage for pregnant women and people with functional diversity.
  • 12. Determined bet to combat bullying and school failure.
  • 13. Support free of charge extracurricular activities.
  • 14. Creation of a social housing park.
  • 15. Creation of a bonus card for seniors, students with low incomes and long-term unemployed persons and / or risk of social exclusion for the use of public transport.
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