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Podem Dénia proposes to the City Council to create a complementary municipal minimum income

20 2020 April - 09: 54

The Dénia City Council is working together with the other municipal groups, representatives of various associations and specialists to face the inevitable economic recession that the current health crisis will leave. In a municipality whose economic model has been based for decades on fragile tourism, the obligation of social distancing and the closing of borders will hit local companies hard.

The task now is to resist the blow and overcome it. For this reason, the Dianense model is being rethought and policies are being carried out to help both the residents and the companies of the municipality.

In this line, since podem Dénia They have presented to the City Council a series of measures, or rather petitions, to face the social and economic impact by supporting vulnerable workers, families and groups.

Taking into account the economic injection by the Generalitat through the Municipal Cooperation Fund, the purple formation suggests "establish a complementary minimum income for families whose income does not reach the minimum wage, calculated taking into account the number of members that make up the family nucleus."

Similarly, in terms of economic reactivation, they request the granting of microcredits to companies without interest, and promote information channels with citizens, through a specialized information office, and the creation of dialogue tables with broad participation. of political representatives and personalities representing the associative fabric.

Proposals Podem Dénia

  • In this exceptional situation, management and decision-making must be opened up to citizen participation, through Open Public Plenary sessions in which the personalities representing the Dénia associative fabric, whether social, health, political or economic, such as civil society spokespersons who are.
  • The creation of a Dialogue Table made up of representatives of the City Council, representatives of all the political groups in Dénia, La Xara and Jesús Pobre, representatives of active and unemployed workers, also business associations; in order to provide measures and ensure all residents and businesses, both in the city and in smaller entities, helping in any way possible, to return to normal as soon as possible and leave behind the damage caused by the COVID-19 crisis. See possibilities for the creation of a future industry that is not merely tourist.
  • Establish a complementary minimum income for families whose income does not reach the minimum wage, calculated taking into account the number of members that make up the family nucleus.
  • Identify priority actions and investments in the immediate future to generate employment and boost the local economy, awarding the resulting works and services to local companies, creating a job bank at the City Council with access to the job and to hiring, on a rotating and cyclical basis .
  • Establish the necessary mechanisms for the granting of microcredits at 0% interest, in order to ensure that small businesses continue to operate and, at the same time, keep jobs.
  • Creation of a specific Municipal Office on the crisis of COVID-19 for reliable advice. Offering individualized plans to both companies and citizens, to facilitate access to aid, subsidies and flexible payments.
  • Reduction, postponement, cancellation, stoppage of collection execution processes, as appropriate in each case, for the benefit of citizens, of any of the fees. Communication from the City Council to the water and electricity supply companies, as public services, of the obligation not to proceed with the power cut under any circumstances and in the current circumstances of confinement and alarm status, for at least 6 months.
  • Strengthening and exhaustive diligence in all aspects of the Home Help Services, Social Services, People covered by the Dependency Law, people who are in a situation of loneliness, families who are in a situation of vulnerability, women who, even in These difficult moments continue to be victims of gender violence. Taking, above all, special attention to the well-being of children in this situation of confinement.
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  1. Carlos osuna says:

    I propose that a public space be made available to each place that does not have a terrace so that they can carry out their activity

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