«Little shame (the one that the PP exhibits when talking about the TRAM)»

February 15 from 2024 - 14: 58

OPINION Dénia Government Team

The Partit Popular hui ens informs that the Consell "is already working to try to solve the security problem that the transfer of the TRAM to the municipality posed", a profitant the news of the col·lisió of a vehicle with the convoy, dimarts, to stop the traffic light on red.

The Generalitat of PP that will consent to the degradation of Line 9 in order to avoid an accident with irreparable consequences, and is trying to donate lines to us.

The PP is going to invest 21 million euros, in 2005, in the urgent modernization of the railway tram between Altea and Dénia.

The Generalitat chaired by Mr. Mazón, former president of the Provincial Council of Alicante, who perfectly understands that it is a tram that operates from fa anys to the provincial capital: without barriers, regulation by senyalització and traffic lights, a backbone transport mitjà that do not split the terme in two.

Molt little shame exhibitix The Popular Party of Dénia when they dare to create a fictitious fencing alarm with examples of accidents which, in being perfectly coneixedors, have not been caused by the lack of security of the TRAM, but by the non-compliance of road regulations. Playing and politicizing security in Dénia is generating insecurity in traffic by controlling drivers with false perceptions.

Little shame and little political competition, those who are accustomed to this PP that is between passivity and populism.

  1. Antonio Carmona says:

    Without traffic lights at the Dénia tram crossing where the last accident occurred
    Well, nothing to defend the indefensible

  2. It says:

    It is true, anyone who runs a red light runs a significant risk of having an accident, here and anywhere in the world.
    What is shameful is the “political class” that we have in Denia. Any excuse is worth bringing up dirty laundry, disqualifying and kicking.
    Do not you have anything better to do? Is that what we pay them for?
    Dedicate yourself to the serious things that all citizens need and stop behaving like scolding children after school, please.
    This is shameful

  3. Mateu says:

    The PP has not contemplated the possibility that in order for accidents not to happen, road rules must be respected?
    Be, surely you rule them…. li donen prou the same, fan videos gravats conduint i els penjen a xarxes…

    If people respected the regulations, there would be no problems. No te more volta de fulla.

  4. Santiago Avargues says:

    According to that reasoning, let's eliminate all public transportation and all go by car, super protected!

    • Pau (FR) says:

      This is the PP of Dénia.
      There are no constructive proposals and work for citizens, but feedback from each controversy and trying to achieve some personal benefit, always.
      I love the "new" Mrs. Font, today life during the Popular Party government warming her chair in the city hall, collecting positions and functions (more or less like now) but results of her work for the city none that is known.

      • Ximo Alcubies says:

        The politicians of our city are some critical rednecks.

        • Pau (FR) says:

          They are not politicians, without citizens who "live" from politics.
          The definition of "politician" is any citizen, who with his opinion and actions promotes the general interests of his community. In our case, they are mostly people who have gotten into politics for their own or purely partisan interest, promoting the interest not of society but of their own.
          Without distinction of party color.
          Do we deserve it?…obviously not.

  5. John says:

    Apart from a huge waste of resources and time, the tram is a danger. When it claims a serious or fatal victim, I hope that the authors of this nonsense assume their responsibility.