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PAMA proposes a silent act as an alternative to rallies to suppress bullfights at parties

Event Date: 03 de julio de 2020
The venue : In front of the town hall of Dénia
Opening times: 13: 00

"It is not a concentration, it is only a silent delivery of signatures to the Lord Mayor of Dénia with the aim of suppressing the Bulls of the Festival for the coming years". This is how the event that will take place on June 3 at 13:00 p.m. has been announced by the Animal Platform of the Marina Alta, which a few days ago refused to support the demonstration called on July 7 for the same reason to avoid contagion of coronavirus.

"Animal rights citizens can participate individually with their own banners for the photo journalist and following the order of sanitary distancing", they underline from PAMA. This act is only in person, taking no more than 15 minutes according to the animalists, so there will be no crowds, megaphones, or shouts. Only those who bring their banners will participate.

"We are not going to disturb tourists or city council workers and neither are passers-by who enjoy Dénia. We will follow the health regulations. And if the mayor wishes to receive our signatures we will be delighted and grateful. Our work will continue until abolition bullfighting festival total ".

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