Opinion PP Dénia: «we voted against the municipal budgets for 2022 for not meeting the needs of the residents of Dénia»

04 March 2022 - 13: 40

The Popular Party of Dénia has voted against the approval of the municipal budgets for 2022 during the extraordinary plenary session held this morning. Mr. Roselló, councilor for finance, in defense of these budgets, has indicated in an almost solemn way, that they are those of "economic recovery". The popular councilor José Antonio Cristóbal has shown his disbelief in the face of such a demonstration, since he indicates little empathy or no sensitivity with the rest of his fellow citizens, we do not know where they get that statement from, when the reality is that the
The situation of families in Denia, at a general level, is little or not at all identified with said "economic recovery".

The popular councilors believe that this government team lives in a parallel reality that has nothing to do with the feeling of fragility and precariousness of family economies. In fact, the Socialists, as an appetizer, already began raising the tax burden last October with the approval of the modification of
fiscal ordinances, which included the increase in the rate of garbage, that of the residence and that of the market, among others.

People's spokesperson María Mut has commented that they have just approved the highest budget in the history of the city, when from our group we firmly believe that this is not the time for more pressure for Dénia, on the contrary, it is time for bold approaches, proposing a fiscal policy that increase the disposable income of families, precisely by doing the opposite of socialist policies, that is, lowering municipal taxes, in this way consumption and economic activity would be boosted.

The councilor, Eva Catalá, reports that the percentage of execution of the 2020-2021 participatory budget projects is still pending completion. This government team is premeditatedly,
leaving projects parked to undertake them during the election year, generating in the neighbors the feeling that they are being mocked, since with their taxes up to date they are seeing that the investments are not undertaken with due diligence, what is more, they are being manipulated and dilated to obtain a political gain.

They are arbitrarily using the investments without attending to the requests of the rest of the groups. It is not true, Mr. Roselló, that his group “listens” to the others, not at all, quite the opposite. We have spent months demanding something as important as the arrangement of the Madrigueres tracks, we have spent a long time denouncing the abandonment by the sports department of this municipal facility that houses a large number of our boys and girls on a weekly basis.

It gives the feeling that this intervention is not necessary for you, it makes you think that since it comes from the opposition it is not worthy of being attended to. And this time do not answer by saying that you have exhausted the budget item, as Mr. García de la Reina already told us in a plenary session, this time fix what is fair and avoid an accident without entering into partisan disputes.

We do not know if this government team is not aware of the brutal increases in energy costs (electricity, gas, gasoline...) of raw materials, of basic necessities and, in general, of the general rise in the prices of most of products, with runaway inflation that makes the cost of living more unbearable every day. The decrease in the purchasing power of families and the loss of competitiveness of our companies do not deserve this upward fiscal adjustment at all, and much less even when the municipal coffers have a remainder of 14 million euros.

We insist, Mr. Roselló has literally stated during the plenary session that “the economic situation is very positive”, honestly we are not clear about what economy he is referring to……

This government team insists on selling its budget as one more instrument to enforce its electoral program. The need to comply with its particular "transformation of Dénia" can generate an unapproachable economic destabilization for us, and from the popular party we consider that now is not the time for electoralism, it is the time for pragmatism, to help our families and our fabric. business already battered with more aid and less taxes.

The icing on the cake was the demonstration that "some parties are happy when things go wrong." The popular reject this sectarian and demagogic demonstration that indicates the mediocre political level to which this government team is accustoming us.

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