Popular Opinion Dénia: «Back with the "old guard" and the General Plan»

22 June 2022 - 11: 07

Talking about a General Plan is very complicated and explaining it to the public is much more so.

In the plenary session last Thursday the PSOE of Dénia, supported by Compromís, brought out another new exhibition of the PGE (we have already lost count of whether there are five, six or seven exhibitions that the residents of Dénia have had to study in order to claim).

The Popular Party of Dénia voted against this exhibition for a simple reason of logic: about 6 sectoral reports are missing from this Plan.

Mrs. Ripoll assured us that none of them would “substantially modify” said plan. Really? There would be no changes if you had done your job well during these 7 years and not rushed and rushed. That the courts are waiting for the lawsuits that fall on it is vox populi, and it seems, very well founded legally.

And, given the refusal of this party, which represents a part of the residents of Dénia, and of two other opposition parties, that we are in all our right, legally based by our advisers, you call us "old guard".

Are you aware of the freedom that exists when it comes to voting or is it a little girl's tantrum for not having supported it? Did you seriously think that we were going to support you in a Plan that you have drawn up without counting on the opinion of the rest of the citizenry (call them civil associations, of
entrepreneurs, builders, architects…)?

Not once have you consulted the Consell d'Urbanisme prior to the approval of public exhibitions, and it will not be because the members of that Consell have not repeatedly told you.

And, to make matters worse, today we wake up with the news of the declaration of the annulment of the Dénia NUT by the Supreme Court because the Generalitat has not presented the writ of appearance within the established deadlines. Really? Don't they have anyone to keep the deadlines? There are things that make you think...

And now that? What do the citizens and residents of Dénia do? What law do we abide by? To that of a General Plan that has not yet been approved? This legal insecurity that you create is not from the “old guard”, it is from total and absolute incompetence, the result of a lousy management to which, unfortunately, we are accustomed.

We'll see how the story goes.

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  1. Ann Bonner says:

    This story doesn't make sense in English. It is not clear if it is the PSOE, PP or who is doing the complaining. Nor is it entirely clear what is missing from the plan or who can see the plan or even where the plan is held. Most strange it doesn't explain what the plan is about.