Opinion of Mario Vidal (Gent de Dénia): "The trenet ... From saying to fact"

January 25 from 2023 - 12: 50

When the Trenet service from Dénia to Alicante was paralyzed in July 2016, fears came to us thinking that we were going back to the year 1974 when the service from Dénia to Carcaixent was paralyzed and never circulated again. Something that caused a lot of outrage, but we are not going to criticize more than what has already been done.

Now we go back to 2016. Then it was indicated that the service was ending for safety reasons, something incomprehensible, when the new wagons are safer, weigh less and are better adapted; although it could be understood that it was paralyzed to improve specific points. I remember that the bidding budget was €53.000.000, and it was intended to open the service shortly.

Well, the day to open the line arrived, it was on January 16, 2023; a little over 6 and a half years of work, with a cost of more than €150.000.000 (almost three times more than the budget) and with a slow service that leaves much to be desired when connecting with the capital of the province ( more than 4 hours) with transfers included (Teulada and Benidorm), let's go on an odyssey.

At the inauguration it was mentioned that it was not a long-distance train, it was a train to make the region, to structure Dénia with Gata or Teulada and little else; So I wonder, is that so much investment, so many works and technology necessary for that? Why do we move away from the capitals, which is where we have connection needs (doctors, bureaucracy, Ministry services, etc.) There we must travel by bus or by private car. Why are we sold the idea that the service will be there when it is finally not going to be used? What have we gained compared to 1915 when the first "trenet" from Alicante to Dénia came?

I do not see sense in the work and investment made; Honestly, I think this is the prelude to being able to indicate that since the service is in deficit and will never be able to be amortized, they will end up closing or privatizing the line, but I don't want to be destructive, I prefer to be constructive, we are on time.

One could think of providing three outward trains and three return, with stops in Dénia, Benissa, Benidorm, Villajoyosa and Alicante, which would make that journey faster (around 1 h 45 min.) and the rest would be made the indicated stops (46) or better yet, some stops and others made by others. In this way and without increasing the planned speed -due to safety regulations- they would make a trip that on the one hand would structure the region and on the other would provide service with the capital. Likewise, by reducing the number of stops, we would be speeding up the trip and would not lose, for example, 1 h 40 min from Dénia to Benidorm, a journey that in your own vehicle does not exceed 40 min. So we would be giving solutions.

It makes you think, because if what we are looking for is to service and replace our own vehicle, this line splitting is important, especially to reach the largest cities.

  1. pituca says:

    Totally agree. Does the mayor not resign? Someone from the ministry with some modesty? What does Ximo think, who has scored a goal with the transfer?

    • Yolanda says:

      Come on, resign here, that is not within your program.
      They promise and promise, they affirm that they will never do and do, that they will never agree with certain parties and they agree and that string of lies they do not pay any price and they should pay it. They like the chair, the salary and all the benefits that this entails, that is why the one who resigns is because what he has done is resounding and he has no choice, the rest continue in their post.
      They don't give a damn about insults and complaints about what they promised and haven't done.
      They continue living the story

  2. Yolanda says:

    Well, you're quite right.
    It is a shame that after six years of works and an investment that is far beyond the budget, the service is to cry. Thinking of Denia as a center for congresses and meetings, as the third best tourism site is not seeing reality.
    The transport leaves much to be desired and I doubt very much that congressmen and those attending these future congresses want to take 3 hours to get from Alicante to Denia, come on, not kidding.
    This train that is going to support the citizens is a joke. We will have to wonder how many, because whoever has to go to work will not leave home three hours before and will return three hours later.
    With this they only encourage the private use of the car. A state of isolation of isolation of Denia with Valencia and Alicante, even with Gandia since at least from there there is direct access to Valencia and in an hour.


    And, between Dénia station to the outskirts, there should be a better service, than the hourly service if the tram is there to provide alternative services, than using your car

  4. Ximo Alcubies says:

    Excellent exposure of an endemic problem

  5. Protection says:

    I totally agree with you, Mario. I don't know how to explain more clearly. Chapo!!

  6. José says:

    But what is really important is the commissions that will have been taken with this infrastructure, the 3 hours to get to Alicante is the least of it hahahahaha

    Politicians thinking about citizens hahahaha

  7. Pere says:

    Don Timo this has been the birth of the mouse.