Opinion of M. Josep Ripoll (PSPV): "A city of 10, friendly to people and a commitment to sustainability"

24 July 2020 - 14: 35

There was the debate servit. We end up approving the application of the subsidy of the Plan Planifica, of the Diputació d'Alacant, per als projects of remodeling of bower from País Valencià, the carrers de l'entorn and the millillo de Marqués de Campo. I des from the team of govern hem donat el pas d'apostar pel tancament al trànsit, so that we will donate a new image to these areas of the center. As it was to wait, the announcement has generated controversy: yes, they escort you in favor and against you; some predict the fi de l'activitat comercial, fins i tot; Some people cry out for a place in the square in the house ... But some opinions point to the possibility of passing-hi tranquility, from millorar l'experiència d'anar to shop in the city, to l'accessibilitat, sustainability, l'absència de fum i soroll.

Doncs to the govern have weighed more these darrers arguments per a prendre la decisió -reflected of totes formes als commitments programàtics that the citizenry is going to vote for majoria- of fer one passa més in the process of peatonalització of the center of Dénia. Loreto, La Mar, Diana, Sandunga, Plaça de la Constitució, fa anys that are going to start this transition to a city that is more Spanish for people and less rodent cotxes. Previous experiences that have not included a commercial catastrophe; that, on the contrary, have donated life and obert noves opportunitats to zones molt punished abans pel volum de trànsit. I know how to obliterate the aesthetic transformation molt desitjable per a city so visited with the nostra.

Tot i així, per decomptat that entenem i respectem les opinions contràries i valorem els fears that this measure awakens i that have followed and will be objected d'anàlisi i considered at the time of writing the projectes i in the subsequent regulation of the uses (càrrega i download, accés per a residents, etc.).

No obstant això, this is not a decision prey spontaneously. Ben is cert that the preventive measures of the COVID-19 are going to advance the Tanqument of Marqués de Campo to guarantee the interpersonal differences in an area molt concorreguda i month facing l'estiu. But since 2015 hem is treballant in the creation of the borsa d'aparcaments in the perimeter urbà, publics and gratuïts, which ara ens permet affirm that places n'hi ha, unes 3.000, i que ja ens can Permetre guanyar nous espais per als vianants.

Big cities, immersed in this process, unstoppable because sustainability is a requirement, not even an option, call awareness campaigns to the idea that they are "15 minute" cities: that is to say, the principal serveis , administrations, commercial zones, indrets d'interés i fites patrimonials have tena l'abast, des qualsevol pàrquing, at just 15 minutes walking.

Doncs to Dénia, a city of dimensions that are affordable, privileged climatic, pleasant to pass, fins and tot podem to boast of being a city "of 10", because the parkings that surround the nucli urbà, free of charge, allow to arrive-hi in eixe temps, menys inclús, to qualsevol lloc.

Deixem the pors of band and we dare to visualize us as eixa Dénia de futur; We thought about the safe and quiet passejos that could be fer els nostres xiquets i majors, les persones amb diversitat functional, nosaltres mateixos, in lloc d'demand a plaça d'aparcament baix de casa. We value the possibility of walking 10 minuts fins to the mercat, in lloc de rodar-ne 20 per to park at the center. We are making an effort to understand that it is time to bet for a more sustainable city, but to measure more to reduce emissions, for accessibility, that it is a dret that totes and tots tenim and cannot continue to improve.

Paral·lelament, the initiatives to compensate for the possible ones, which are unprovable at the moment, economic damage that the transfer to the center's transit could entail, continue endavant: merchants and hostalers of the city and private apartments have arrived at an offer to offer tickets 'parking to customers. We have just expanded in more than a hundred places the public parking of the Camí de Sant Joan. The nou servei de transport urbà is about to tender. I in marxa tenim l'studi per a millorar-hi the mobilitat by bicycle and uns altres mitjans sustainable.

This Denia is the patrimony of totes and tots and, per tant, must guarantee the benefit of tots and totes that are hi vivim; also, dels that ho faran in a futur.

  1. Alfonso says:

    So friendly that the Hospital is losing staff every day, while allowing tourists to come from all possible destinations without any control, cooking with such kindness a highly dangerous health situation for the residents of La Marina Alta. There is nothing nice about it.

  2. Xavi says:

    Pilot pedestrianisations in Dublin, 1. The income of businesses grows an average of 70%, 2. 96% of the walkers say that the streets have improved, 3. 90% believe that they should be made permanent.

  3. Adrian k says:

    Kind? How are the roads for the residents of Montgo? Marquesa, Gallertes, Las Rotas, of 10 I see a 0,1 of kindness before the resident of denia and tourists.

  4. Adrian k says:

    Anaboles? How are you the roads for the residents of Montgo? Marquesa, Gallertes, Las Rotas, of 10 I see a 0,1 of kindness before the resident of denia and tourists.

    • Arana says:

      Denia city 10! That's what cheap politicians say and they lie, as always, because they do not take a turn down the road from Les Marines and see the manure dumps, herbs, garbage bushes, dry streams with rats, they are very close, from km 0.5 to km 1.0.
      It's okay to lie and do nothing.

  5. Joselito says:

    The bicycle is given to me by the City Council?
    Thank you.

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