Opinion of Javier Scotto, Councilor for Diversity: "Proud to be different"

28 June 2022 - 17: 00

Every year, on June 28, LGTBI+ pride day is celebrated worldwide, and like every year, the same debate and controversy is generated about the need for a pride party.

From maturity, I see the need to make a retrospective on my own life, in which I remember a traumatic childhood of mixed feelings towards people of my same sex, the false adolescent personality to which discrimination pushed me, and a adulthood with the insane obligation to hide the pen before masculine stereotypes, and demonstrate that my orientation is not a "handicap" for the profession.

Without references of any kind: social, educational, literary, and even sports even today, during my impoverished and marginal existence that I drag from the 80s and 90s, guilt, pathology, marginality, humiliation have always throbbed and the thought of having failed me, my family and myself. No hint of pride, when I couldn't even hold on to my own dignity.

In the face of any debate about 28J, after having lived through and suffered marginalization, insult, violence and contempt, we must reaffirm the pride festival, as a festival, but also as a manifestation, as vindictive and critical pride, where the LGTBI+ people show our identity, orientation and gender, without fear, without hesitation, without conditions or impositions. A march against oblivion, silence, closets, gutters and social margins, a journey flying the rainbow flag, creativity, music and even extravagance, with banners and slogans to embrace diversity. Do not be afraid of the manifestation of what is different.

While you do not have to be afraid of what is different, we have to recover our memory and activism, because we have fought a lot, and it has cost us a lot, even our lives. Each conquest has been at the cost of the sacrifice of those who preceded us, and who now, through hate speech, threaten to take us away.

And it is that the depathologization of gays, lesbians and transsexual people, the prohibition of conversion therapies, or the protocols of non-assignment of sex in the birth of intersex people, frees us from psychiatric centers, but does not protect us against the aggressions produced this last year and that continue to increase.

That we can marry who we love, form diverse families, watch homosexual series on digital platforms, confirms a social advance, but it does not free us from the daily struggle to be treated equally, and have the freedom to express our sexual affectivity in any public space without retaliation.

That we are true to our identity, gender or orientation, that we love who we want, that we live as we are, may seem obvious, but it is not. It was not always like this, and although it is guaranteed by law, the history and populism of the Spanish and European extreme right intend to ensure that it is not. Today it is feminists, migrants and the LGTBI+ collective, tomorrow it could be you.

We are proud, for being what we are and who we are, for assuming our diversity, and it is not easy to grow up and live in a society that strangles minorities, and attacks what is different and contrary to heteronormativity: the pen, the new masculinities, women, trans women, trans men, and non-binary people, everything that is out of the norm, is per se dangerous for the ideology of hate.

That is why pride is daring to be oneself, therein lies the revolutionary, and we marched, demonstrated and paraded because you did not understand us, because you have hurt us, because we do not have to ask for permission, nor that you tolerate us, because we have not disappointed to anyone, because we are not willing to be conditioned, or we have to settle for marginality and social exclusion. We are going to continue to show our faces and fight for every right that remains to be conquered, because they still kill us, attack us, punish us and condemn us in many countries. We do it for those who cannot even manifest themselves today.

In these times of the radicalism of the most stale right, which crosses the lines of democracy demanding the loss of rights and freedoms of the LGTBI + community, and even in the face of the silent and no less dangerous image washing policy with calculated passivity and elimination of policies with a diversity perspective, the best thing is to celebrate without complexes the equality that we defend every day, so that nothing and no one can make us go back.

The social jails, the ideological prisons, the closets of shame, and the walls of segregation have fallen, and must not be raised again. I am proud to be different.

  1. Scrotum says:

    It's already clear to us, you're a queer, congratulations, heavy.

  2. Luis says:

    “Proud to be different” says El Concejal….Different from what? Because you are homosexual you are “different”? He himself makes a difference with his comment. We are all different, each one with their character, personality, physique, etc. Then comes the "we are all equal before the Law" but that is already another very complex issue that generates great discrimination, depending on who you are, what family you come from and who your contacts are.

  3. IgnacioG says:

    Thank you for sharing your concerns but who cares about your sexual orientation Councilman? That is part of his privacy and who cares is because he is a morbid gossip. What we do care about is his work and how he invests the public money that costs us so much to earn and pay in the form of taxes. Pay Aprosdeco and stop partying to feel proud of yourself for putting on a batucada. From the Department itself, Aprosdeco staff and patients have been discriminated against for years, but is there no money for them? What happens that they are not “trendy” enough?

  4. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    Mr. Esotto. I feel his mental torture and his victimhood. There have always been stupid people in all times. I am 78 years old, I have lived through what you call Francoism, the good transition, the original deterioration with Mr. González and other policies that were never perfectly successful, until I reached nausea and the decline of moral values ​​with Mr. Zapatero and even worse, Sánchez.
    In all the neighborhoods I have lived in and in all the towns I have known; There have always been people with a sexual disorder. Since childhood, in school until now. I will almost tell him that the treatment was more exquisite than with "the normal ones", for not hurting anyone. There was persecution, if those who practiced pedophilia as well as heterosexuals.
    Now they have invented that LGTBI thing, just to increase and revive the small differences that existed, if in those nuclei precisely where education is precarious, the same thing that now appears in their carnival parades, which according to my understanding harm the normality of the image of simple gay people.
    I understand that it is a political business and that there is a budget and tricks involved.
    how to explain a budget for a ghost ministry of more than 20 billion euros, when it skimps on the investment of schools for children with physical and mental disabilities, totally or partially dependent.
    Continue to feel useful and normal without the need to boast confessions that have never been asked of you to hang a medal of heroism.
    Sincerely: César Pino Domínguez-
    good morning

    • IgnacioG says:

      All right!!!

    • Pete says:

      Cesar: It is clear, when you have been truly happy it has been with Franco. Especially enjoying the crimes and murders of his dictatorship.

      • IgnacioG says:

        Terrible lack of respect for César's comment and all the victims of Francoism, using his memory in such a crooked and disgusting way. Pete, comments like that don't help at all, rather the opposite, especially his nauseating final comment.