New positions in Podem Dénia: Cristina Molinillo is chosen as spokesperson

February 22 from 2022 - 11: 55

Through a telematic assembly, podem Dénia carried out, last week, the election of the new Municipal Spokesperson and the Municipal Coordination Council, in which Cristina Molinillo was chosen over the other two candidates presented, with 90% of the votes in favor.

The new Podem Dénia team is made up of Cristina Molinillo as spokesperson and liaison for Organization and Finance, Cristina Periáñez liaison for Feminism, Cristina Vera liaison for Health, Adela Rodríguez liaison for Diffusion and Juanjo Nieves, Communication liaison and Regional liaison.

With the new reorganization of the party, the aim is to stimulate citizen participation and supporters and militants to make Dénia and a better region, under the premises of feminism, environmentalism, transparency and social justice.

From the Dianense group they appreciate the dedication and work of the outgoing spokesperson, María Rosa Medel, as well as the members of the team that made up the previous CCM.

  1. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    All very nice. but what do they do?

    • Maximum says:

      To improve the lives of ordinary people above all. To procure justice for the social majority that inhabits this country. To guarantee that the abuses to which we are accustomed due to the bipartisanship of a lifetime do not occur. To seek rights for workers who earn the average or below it... To give people like you the opportunity to express their opinion without trying to deceive with hoaxes or lies fueled by the hatred of the extreme right and the extreme right.
      And much more...

  2. JOSE LUIS says:

    If I am a member of Podemos in Madrid and I believe that a great city like Denia, where I spend my best days of the year without working, deserves a good organization of the Podemos party, where I have been a member since its constitution, as I am now an adult and retired and always on the left, therefore I can contribute little in terms of activity, but I can spread messages and truths about our work in the parliaments and town halls where Podemos is present.