Linguistic Normalization doubles the funding for the fallero award for promotion of Valencian

14 March 2016 - 14: 30

Linguistic Normalization Department Dénia City Council directed Councilwoman Marian Tamarit has announced the increase in 500 euros prize awarded each year between failures from the city to the best use of the Valencian language.

If until now there was a single prize of 500 euros, now the prize increases to 1.000 euros and is extended to three, endowing the 1º Prize with 500 euros; a second prize with 300 euros and a third prize of 200 euros with pennants in all three cases.

The jury will evaluate the use of Valencian in both falleras activities throughout the year as criticism of the great and child monuments under criteria orthographic, morphologic and syntactic correctness, text style, wealth and quality and originality and creativity.

From the department remember that the purpose of these awards is "encourage, promote and enhance the use of Valencian in the field of failures".

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