Mounir Horma imposed its power in Dénia Half Marathon

15 2014 April - 00: 00

The victory in the XI Half Marathon was for the athlete Dénia Mounir Horma who crossed the finish line in first position. His record was 1 12 minutes time 29 seconds. The second place went to Sergi Soler who entered 1 59 minute and seconds behind the winner. Manuel Martín was third with a time of time 1, 15 22 minutes and seconds.

The route of 21.097 meters did not present any difficulty for participants to be to be completely flat. In the starting line for this distance they were around 590 athletes despite the efforts enjoyed a very pleasant morning. The atmosphere throughout the layout was spectacular with many people who do not stop to encourage all participants.

In women, the first to cross the finish line was Mª Isabel Ferrer Xábia Llebeig Athletics Club with a time of time 1, 23 53 minutes and seconds. The second was classified Cristina González who entered 3 seconds of the winner. The third place went to the pegolina, Carmen Room with time 1 29 minutes time 14 seconds.

The ratings in each category were these.

Junior Female

1ª Blanca Rodríguez

Junior Male

1º Eugeni Llorca
2º Alejandro Llull
3º David Tous

Senior women

1ª Mª Isabel Ferrer
2ª Cristina González
ª 3 Diana Bisquert

Senior male

Mounir 1º Horma
2º Adrián Hadri
3º José Ramón Urrutia

Veteranas A

1ª Marisa Puche
Elsa 2ª Benavent
3ª Vicenta Salelles


1º Sergi Soler
2º Manuel Martín
3 º maximum Folques

Veteranas B

Carmen Sala 1ª
2ª Rosa Bernabeu
Alicia 3ª Peiro

Veterans B

1 º Víctor Fernández
2º Manuel González
3º Domingo Machi

Veteranas C

Rosalie 1ª Ellingworth
Juana 2ª Reales

veterans C

1º Vicente De Juan
2º Salvador Signes
3º Vicent Sendra

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