Mario Vidal will again be the mayoral candidate for Gent de Dénia

January 26 from 2023 - 12: 12

The Executive of Gent de Dénia has chosen Mario Vidal as mayoral candidate for the next municipal elections. The only candidacy presented to the board, after the period open to all affiliates, was voted unanimously by those present. The party has considered that the work carried out in this legislature by the current municipal spokesperson has been very positive and hopes to improve previous results.

Mario Vidal presented his candidacy to the members of the executive board and other affiliates taking stock of his management and that of the party. «Four years ago I presented myself to head the list for Gent de Dénia to the municipal elections. It was a challenge, we started from the question of whether we would be elected or not, with how many councilors and what the city government would be like. They elected us with 980 votes, we got a councilor, a newbie in these arts, and yes, it helped me learn, to study how local politics works inside and now I think I have enough capacity to face a challenge of four more years, defending the interests of the citizens of Dénia from the perspective of our Gent de Dénia party, a perspective of service and love for our city, "reported Vidal.

Balance by Mario Vidal

We have made motions, we have participated in this world of local politics, in some we have been heard, in others we have been ignored, but we have always been there, actively, coherently and forcefully in our obligations, without losing our composure.

As I indicated when I assumed my responsibility in this party, I have no aspirations for supra-local politics, only here, in a party that has always shown that it looks out for the city, the inhabitant of here, without more. A party that lacks a marked ideology of "left" or "right", that its label is local and only intends to give answers to the residents and groups of this, which is nothing more than our city. This hallmark has been and will be maintained, and thanks to this premise we have been able to celebrate 40 years of existence, whose anniversary we celebrate this year 2023.

If they give me the opportunity to head a list for the Dénia mayor's office again, the challenges are very clear to me: to provide service to the citizen, to improve that of the groups that live, work and move around the municipal area and, above all, to try to be a modern city, that incites to live; and of course, to recover the hegemony of being the capital of the region of the Marina Alta, both in services, leisure, employment and per capita income, factors that are the key for Dénia to be that regional capital.

Gent de Dénia is a party that works like a big family, we are a group that cares that everything goes in order. Starting from ourselves, we are friends, we like to socialize with the people here and among ourselves we experience the real problems of service and lack of equipment in the city. This leads all of us to work together to solve these faults, commenting, studying and analyzing the problems and their possible solutions, regardless of groups outside of Dénia that tell us what we have to do and how to act. We have demonstrated it in subsequent stages of government and we will demonstrate it again.

Two important challenges are SERVICES for citizens and CREATING AND PROMOTING business and social attractions in the capital of the Marina Alta.

It is for all these reasons that I am grateful for the support of these four years and have decided to run for re-election.

  1. Juan says:


  2. maria ibanez rodriguez says:

    Hello, I agree with your comment in all senses.

  3. pituca says:

    I hope, for the good of the city, that Gent de Dénia is decisive for the Dénia government. Good luck! Just by seeing how the mayor has ruined the business of Marqués de Campo, one would have to reflect. For when a bet for the merchants of the city? Caramba, that Ondara wins by a landslide!!!

    • Juan says:

      Ondara is doing very well, he should be an example to follow of how to grow a population without selling it exclusively to tourism, but in Denia and Javea they live on a fantasy of glory inflated with pretensions, which is sinking them into decadence and mediocrity.