Marcelo Moreno finished 32nd in the Absolute Olympic category in the 'Triwhite Cup Benidorm'

19 2018 April - 11: 47

Marcelo Moreno of the Dénia Triatló, finished in the 32 position of its Absolute category in the "Triwhite Cup Benidorm", held in the capital of Marina Baixa. Marcelo took part in the Olympic modality, with which he had to cover a first swimming segment of 1.500 meters where he invested a time of 28.45.

In the second segment of cycling on a track of almost 41 kilometer his time was 1; 16.56. In the third race segment on a distance of 9.600 meters he invested a time of 41: 22. His total time after finishing the three segments was from 2: 31.05 to 22.03 from the winner of the event he was, Miguel Ángel Sánchez Moreau, veteran triathlete.

In this test, more than 500 athletes from different parts of the Valencian Community and the rest of the country took part. It was the first test of Triwhite Cup 2018 Triathlon Circuit. At Poniente beach and its surroundings, the athletes completed the swimming, cycling and running races in three categories or distances Olimpica, Sprint and Super Sprint.

After starting the season in Benidorm, the Triwhite circuit will travel in the coming months to different parts of the Valencian Community, Murcia and Andalusia.


Absolute male

1. Miguel Ángel Sánchez Moreau. Independent.
2. Marcos Burdaspar Basarte. Saltoki Trikideak.
3. Koen De Weerd. Independent.

Absolute feminine

1. Eliana Krist. Aguaviva Benidorm.
2. Inge Van de Broeck. Independent.
3. Eva Martín Moreno. Elite Bikes Albir.


Absolute male

1. Jaime Rodado González. Team Clavería Móstoles.
2. Luis Santos UA Triatlon.
3. David Huertas. Team Clavería Móstoles.

Absolute feminine

1. Alba Álvarez Machado Team Clavería Móstoles.
2. Angela Llorca Delaitte. Elite Bikes Albir.
3. Marta Santacreu. Duet Cycling Friendly.


Absolute male

1. Paul Abbot Castle. Almeria Sea Club.
2. Sergio Domene Reyes. Independent.
3. José Luis Mira Valiente. Triathlon Club Almansa.

Absolute feminine

1. Irene García Gómez. Club Adesavi Triatlon.
2. Paula Linares López. Club d'Atletisme Triatlon.
3. Emma Linares López Club d'Atletisme Triatlon.

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