Socialists propose textbooks helps students with unemployed parents

17 September 2013 - 00: 00

The Socialists of Dénia have proposed, in a motion that will be debated in the September plenary, that the city council "extend as recipient of the aid for the acquisition of textbooks for the 2013 / 2014 course, to students who are members of a family unit in which one or both parents are unemployed on the date of application for the aid, establishing for this group an amount of 60 euros per student.

Councilwoman Elena Tur, Which was responsible for education issues, recalled that "the bases and call for aid for the acquisition of textbooks of the City Council has been taking as reference, in recent years, the income of the family unit of the previous year. Given the persistence of the economic crisis and the continuous changes in the situation economic of the families, it is necessary to adapt the criteria for granting aid to the date of application of the same ".

Thus the Socialists contemplate aid 60 euros per pupil of this group.

Only 40% of pre-registered in the EOI have been accepted

In another order of things, the councilor Vicente Bixquert has denounced that the 60% of the students pre-registered in the Official School of Languages ​​have been out of being able to study English, German and French.

According Bixquert, these data are due to the transience of current facilities of the Official School of Languages ​​and lack of teachers. The socialist councilor complaint "The government team has done absolutely nothing for the Generalitat Valenciana to build a classroom that accommodates the wide demand for these studies for the 2013-2014 courses or provides solutions to the high number of students who remain year after year without possibility of studying languages. "

From the socialist ranks propose, given that the largest number of students who stay outside the EOI are core courses, the Generalitat Valenciana strengthen the staff of the first courses.

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