The socialists of the Marina Alta criticize the delay in the payment of the Diputación that blocks the aid of the Paréntesis Plan

February 25 from 2021 - 11: 19

The socialist spokesman in the Alicante Provincial Council, Toni Francés, has celebrated that the "Efficiency and agility" of the Consell de Ximo Puig is going to allow an injection in the Marina Alta region of 8,7 million euros only in the Paréntesis Plan, aimed at SMEs and the self-employed in the sectors most affected by the health crisis. To this will be added all the aid provided for in the Plan Resistir en la Comunitat Valenciana endowed with 400 million euros.

However, Francés has been very critical of the Alicante Provincial Council, whose delays in the payment of the part of the provincial institution -1,9 million euros that will arrive at the end of March-, will force many city councils to start distributing the aid of the Parenthesis Plan without having that part. "The self-employed and companies need to enter soon, it is a necessity, therefore, the municipalities are going to begin to enter the amounts into the economic fabric of our municipalities with more problems without waiting for the Provincial Council. It is evident that we are facing a new example of bad management by Carlos Mazón and his government team in the provincial institution ", has manifested.

This is how the socialist spokesman in the Alicante Provincial Council expressed himself today in a telematic act called within the framework of the “Just and Social Response” campaign, in which the general director of Human Resources of the Department of Health also participated, Carmen López Delgado, the general director of the IVF, Manuel Illueca, and the deputy in Les Corts and general secretary of the PSPV-PSOE from the province of Alicante, José Chulvi, who have explained to regional leaders, mayors and party spokesmen the political and economic agenda that the Socialists are promoting from the Generalitat Valenciana.

During the meeting, the speakers explained the health measures that have been adopted, which are having good results because the numbers of infections have dropped considerably, and they have quoted the words of President Ximo Puig when warning that "The restrictions will last only as long as necessary, not one more day". Special emphasis has also been placed on explaining all the aid lines provided for in the Resistir Plan, the most ambitious in Spain, with 400 million euros in direct aid and financing for companies, self-employed persons and workers in the sectors most affected by sanitary restrictions. Among other things, the Consell de Ximo Puig has already approved as part of the Plan aid for hotels, restaurants and cafeterias worth 100 million euros, aid for the promotion of employment for 80 million, aid for people in ERTE for 17 million, aid to the self-employed for 8 million, other specific aid for the sectors most affected by 15 million and aid to the taxi sector for 4500 licenses.

Likewise, the Resistir Plan includes the Parenthesis Grants, which consist of the creation of a fund in which the Generalitat contributes 62,5%, the councils 22,5% and the municipalities 15%. A total of 160 million that will be managed by the Valencian Community councils to give direct aid of up to 2.000 euros per self-employed and 200 euros more per worker. In the case of the Marina Alta, those affected will receive a total of 8,7 million euros, of which 1,3 will be from the municipal coffers, 5,4 million euros has already been provided by the Generalitat, while the municipalities they will have to advance the more than 1,9 million euros to which Mazón committed and they are not yet there.

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