HLA San Carlos professionals in pink to fight breast cancer

16 October 2020 - 09: 54

The team HLA San Carlos will wear pink during the World Day to Fight Breast Cancer to raise awareness about this disease and the importance of an early diagnosis.

The HLA Group, to which the HLA Hospital belongs Saint Charles, dresses in pink on World Day to Fight Breast Cancer, which is celebrated around the world next Monday, October 19. On that day, professionals from the Group's 15 hospitals will wear pink masks, gloves, hats and necklaces in order to raise awareness about this pathology, which in Spain will affect one in eight women throughout their lives, according to the data from the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), and in which early diagnosis is essential.

This symbolic action is part of the HLA Group's commitment to caring for women, who suffer 99% of breast cancer cases. To adequately attend to them, the Group has 10 Women's Units, conceived as a service that has specialized teams and brings together all the diagnostic and treatment methods related to pathologies that affect women, including breast cancer. These units are configured as a multidisciplinary space where, around the gynecology team, different specialists in dermatology, endocrinology, digital media (diagnostic imaging and laboratory), psychology and psychiatry, rheumatology or urology collaborate, to comprehensively attend to any pathology that may specifically affect patients. In addition, HLA hospitals have Breast Units specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and other associated pathologies.

Cutting edge technology

All these specialized units of the HLA Group are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for diagnosis and treatment. In this sense, HLA hospitals have 11 3D mammographs, about twenty magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), half of them 3 teslas, which multiply the diagnostic capacity, as occurs with the 15 5D or high definition ultrasound machines, with better performance than the more than 40 conventional ultrasound machines also available to the Group's professionals.

This technology is essential to facilitate the early diagnosis of different pathologies. In the case of breast cancer, detecting the disease and starting treatment early in its development multiplies the chances of a cure. To promote this form of rapid diagnosis, the HLA Group has developed different actions, such as the Alert program, which offers results in less than 48 hours and which has been launched in HLA Montpellier (Zaragoza).

In addition, the HLA Group works on the development of several projects to improve the care and quality of life of cancer patients. The most relevant is the School of Patients promoted by the HLA Universitario Moncloa hospital (Madrid) to promote healthy lifestyle habits, learning self-care and empowering the patient, always with the guidance of doctors and health professionals. HLA Universitario Moncloa also has a unit for comprehensive treatment in oncological aesthetics (Oncolaria), a service that will soon be extended to HLA Vistahermosa (Alicante). A third example of HLA's commitment to breast cancer patients is the collaboration that HLA Vistahermosa has carried out, through the donation of material, with the association REMA Vida, who uses rowing as part of the recovery of women who have suffered from this disease.

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