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REMA (Rehabilitation Marina Alta)


"Many heart problems go unnoticed with only an electrocardiogram (ECG), which is the only thing that is required in current sports controls. REMA We incorporate ECOCARDIOGRAPHY: a fundamental cardiological technique, which must be performed by cardiologists, to diagnose those alterations that may evolve and produce contradictions with sports practice, "explains REMA.

REMA (Rehabilitation Marina Alta) is the first and up to date sole institution of medical and independent rehabilitation in Dénia and its surroundings.
But REMA is much more, it offers services of:

-Rehabilitation Cardiac / Post-Infarction
-Rehabilitation Neurológica / Ictus
-Rehabilitation Post-Operative
-Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries
Sports -Cardiología
Sports -Podología
Stress-Test Gases
Oxygen Consumption Maximum
Cardiac ultrasound

In REMA, we have the most modern equipment attended at all times by qualified personnel. In REMA they work with doctors and Cardiologists specialists in a multidisciplinary way, with the end that the patient is treated perfectly. The REMA professionals also take care of hospitalized patients or their homes.

We all know that sport has become in our society, an essential, healthy and general field activity and sports is an adjunct to maintaining a good quality of life and also constitutes a good therapeutic standard for various medical specialties.

But we know the risk that any sport poses to the person when their level of physical fitness is not known to react to certain efforts, resulting unfortunately many and varied accidents mostly heart rate. Today it is necessary to go to sports after a "medical examination" including a "stress test" to determine our ability and with the approval of the cardiologist, fulfilling the recommendation of FIFA, "all athletes before competition must do a stress test that specifically include a cardiac ultrasound. " REMA why you created the Cardiology Unit SPORTSWEAR in which they have been pioneers in Spain.

Sports Cardiology is a technique focused on the detection of heart problems that may pose a risk to the practice of physical activity. The assessment is designed for children, adults and seniors. It is a service designed for people who practice sports as a form of leisure and professionals. The performance of this test prevents sudden death.

See Echocardiography, cardiological art by cardiologists to diagnose those changes that may occur in sports mishaps.

The stress test measurement gas-spirometry to study the functional ability of the athlete. In these tests a direct analysis of gases, which allows the exact determination of maximal oxygen uptake and accurate detection of aerobic and anaerobic thresholds is performed.

In REMA, Marina Alta Rehabilitation Unit, the cardiological risk is evaluated for the safe practice of sports activity. They perform very specific tests with the latest technology and directed by cardiologists specialized in sports and with great experience.


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  1. MIGUEL MORAL says:

    Hello, could you inform me if you collaborate with ASISA.

  2. Gem says:

    Hello! I wish I could do it.

  3. jezabel says:

    I wish I touch. Although I'll also tell me, because I need it. You should carry medical report?

    • REMA says:

      Hi Jezebel, from REMA Best of luck !! In principle you do not need any medical report for a biomechanical examination. But if you can take it without problem. Hope to see you soon. regards

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