The seagull repellents of Dénia lose volume after complaints from neighbors

08 June 2023 - 14: 00

With summer just around the corner, coexistence in Dénia between people and seagulls becomes tense. The birds become more aggressive and active during these breeding dates, and their squawking can be heard at all hours. And it is something that the City Council is very aware of, since there have been many actions that it has undertaken to scare away these birds. However, with the last one the shot has backfired, having scared the neighbors more than the seagulls themselves.

For a few days, the castle de Dénia, where an endless number of seagulls live, has a new defense tool against birds. Within its walls several repellers have been placed, which emit a sound that should make the unwanted guest flee. But the seagulls continue at ease, without these defenses having prevented them from continuing to stay close to the castle.

However, the residents of the area have been affected by the noise emitted by these speakers strategically located in some points of the castle. Almost since they were installed there have been complaints from different families. The rest that the birds disturbed, was now disturbed by the repellents.

Finally, there has been no choice but to back off and lower the volume of the devices. From today the neighbors will rest a little better, and also the seagulls of the castle.

  1. Dani says:

    With a Federal government this would not happen.
    The area would be delimited and those animals would be killed.
    The zonal powers would be held by the Valencian Community.
    A Special Security Corps linked to the CNI would be created, the Special Security and Investigation Corps (CESEIV), the Spanish FBI.
    This is how things should be done!

  2. Luis says:

    Having to choose between the sound of the seagulls and the noise of the little machines, what things….

  3. Ben says:

    Another example of how to waste money. Pin y pon, PlayMobil, or Lego? The problem is that these things cost money, money that seems to belong to nobody. And that politicians entertain themselves with these bullshit that only matter to them.

    For this "project" to have gone ahead, some illustrious thinking head will have been plotting all this, and perhaps some binge in between paid by the taxpayer, to close the deal. And while collecting salary, allowances and whatever it takes. Then they take a photo, and the seagulls literally shit on those pots that look very expensive, until they finish rovellats.

    It hurts me to say it, but it's just another example of the imperative bullshit in town halls and government institutions. More socialist smoke in sight. As long as all this is legal, it will continue to happen. As long as her shit goes unpunished, they'll keep screwing it up with your money. Pure waste.

    And to whom are they accountable? To nobody at the end of the month, to the pear.

  4. Arto says:

    There are more important things to do than bother with the poor birds that were there before we arrived.

  5. TRIS says:

    Thank God!!! It has been three and a half days and 13 continuous hours a day, torture.