Full in Dénia to say goodbye to the D * na Restaurant on his last day

07 December 2021 - 10: 32

Satisfaction and good feelings at the closing of the D * na Restaurant, the gastronomic festival that has been held these days in Dénia. For three days, dozens of chefs, producers and hoteliers have passed through the two stages located in the center of the city under the watchful eye of thousands of attendees to the more than 35 presentations and activities curated by the three Michelin star chef Quique Dacosta.

This 2021 the D * na Festival it has reinvented itself to become D * na Restaurant, a fact that, for Dacosta, has demonstrated "the chameleonic capacity to transform and adapt to circumstances". For the chef, "D * na Restaurant has come to add complicity with restaurants, everyone has turned their heads and that has shown growth and learning."

For Dacosta, “D * na speaks of DNA, of genetic sentiment, of representing who we are. Our Mediterranean is the mark of who we have been in history ”.

Regarding the importance of local products and local gastronomy, the curator of the event has emphasized that “we must not put walls to the field, it is contradictory because we would also like our wines and oils to be anywhere in the world. If we close ourselves to the world, the world will also close to us. As a Mediterranean language, that window has to be open to the world, which allows us to be evolutionary, to learn from the one that comes and not to close ourselves to the world, which would be a mistake ”.

For his part, the mayor of Dénia and councilor for tourism, Vicent Grimalt, has made "a very positive balance" of this edition, the result "has been what we expected: that people go to restaurants and have that extra quality and activities".

Looking ahead to the next edition, Grimalt has announced that an evaluation and planning meeting will be held in January, highlighting the commitment of the Autonomous Secretary for Tourism, Francesc Colomer, to continue supporting the D * na Festival, although for the moment it is not has decided next year's format.

In the last hours, the stages of D * na Restaurant received chefs of the stature of Begoña Rodrigo (Rte. La Salita, València); Luis Valls (Rte. El Poblet, Valencia); Juan Ramos (Rte. Llisa Negra, Valencia); José Manuel López (Rte. Peix i Brases, Dénia); and Kiko Moya (Rte. L'Escaleta, Cocentaina).

  1. Why Donate says:

    Bedankt voor het deze van deze informatie Blijf deze artikelen delen. https://whydonate.nl/blog/inzamelingsactie-voor-de-gemeenschap/

  2. CARLOS says:

    What do you want me to tell you, but I can't imagine that a region in the Basque Country, for example, would hold a fair for an industrial sector, paid for with public funds, which would be responsible for the region being the poorest in the area.
    Something is wrong

    The city council, that is, we who pay taxes, spend a millionaire promoting the activity of some gentlemen who have private companies (restaurants), who pay badly, only a few months a year and that, along with residential "tourism", They make home prices skyrocket.


    • Ignacio says:

      Totally agree. In addition, no one has asked the public if we want our money to be taken by these people to promote their businesses.

  3. Alfred says:

    Satisfaction for promoting an activity that leaves a region with the lowest income levels in the Valencian community.

    Someday they will realize that tourism and restoration DOES NOT bring wealth to society? Four enrich themselves at the cost of temporary and poorly paid contracts and with many more hours than they have on their payroll… .if they have any.