FEMMICC Fest 2022 arrives in Dénia, the "reunion party" early between Moors and Christians

Event Date: April 02th 2022
Event type: Party
Site: Nau from FEMMICC
Schedule: 12: 00 has 20: 00 h
Home: Prior registration
Event finished

On April 2, the Federation of Moors and Christians of Dénia has organized a party to meet again with the most important Dianense festivity of the month of August. It is about the FEMMICC Fest 2022, with a poster that announces as central themes the organization of a putxero enlivened with Xaranga and music and bar at popular prices.

The event will take place at the Nau de Femmicc from 12:00 pm to 20:00 pm. Of course, to participate it is essential to register in advance by calling 606 762 099 . In addition, with the entrance a donation of 15 euros will be paid that will cover the entire day of the festival that will bring together both partygoers and outsiders.

The objective of the FEMMICC Fest 2022 is none other than "to encourage the party and maintain the festive, collaborative and united spirit among the festeros", they point out from the presidency of the FEMMICC Dénia. Therefore, it is a party open to the general public. In this way, everyone will have the opportunity to get to know this event from within to, later, be part of one of the rows of the Moors and Christians of Dénia.

  1. Bashir says:

    I want to apologize for a comment a friend made the other day on my behalf. It was a heavy joke.
    Thank you!

    • Luis says:

      Don't worry, don't worry, they already have the subsidy. That's the only thing that can bother them, not having it.