Visits to Dénia.com grew by 9% in 6, exceeding 2018 million

January 08 from 2019 - 09: 45

Dénia.com closed 2018 as the best year in its history, with 3.320.364 page views. A figure that grows by 9'6% compared to 2017, when the visits were from 3.029.477. On average, they have registered 9.096 visits every day. With this figure, Dénia.com is consolidated as the web portal of local news of reference for dianenses, which year after year grows in visits and repercussion.

In 2018, according to the data provided by Google Analytics, Dénia.com has had a total of 1.082.821 unique users, the total of people who have accessed our content during the year, a total that leaves us an average of 2.400 daily visitors to the web. A figure that has increased compared to the 975.429 unique users of 2017.

Leaders (by far) in social networks

It is also worth noting the increase in followers in our social networks. With 31.252 followers on Facebook; 3.677 on Twitter and 3.922 followers on Instagram, Dénia.com adds 38.851 followers in social networks most important in the world, thus becoming the means of communication of the Marina Alta with more followers in social networks, far above the rest of the media in the area.

To these figures we must add the 8.582 subscribers to the newsletter which is sent every day with the latest information published about Dénia on the portal.

Dismantled the competition data

The digital sector has become a very competitive sector. Maybe that's why digital media choose to sell the data that interests them, hiding others that are worth knowing. This is the case of the digital La Marina Plaza, which recently published the audience data of 2018.

That medium, which covers a total of 33 towns, boasts of "having no rival" in its scope, the Marina Alta. For this, it uses graphs created by themselves in which they are compared with the platforms of the Avantcem group -Dénia.com and Xàbia.com-, and with the digital Xàbia al Día. In these charts they "forget" about other digital media for regional dissemination that, together with those mentioned, make up the reality of digital information in the Marina Alta. Digital platforms such as Las Provincias, Levante or Cadena Ser, which have their regional editions, are not included in this analysis. And to them we must add other pages of local information about Dénia and other municipalities in the region that, mysteriously, also disappear from their sphere of competence.

As stated in the article published last January 2, the data referred to have been obtained from Google Analytics. But, unfortunately, there is no way to corroborate this information, since there is no public reference to the audience they have on their website and neither are the graphics that Google offers objectively included.

So, as a reference, we take the data that comes from OJD, the interactive platform that audits the newspaper since June of 2018. According to these data, the number of unique visitors until the month of November, that is, in six months, is from 759.538.

In the case of Dénia.com, visits in the same period of time are 618.038 unique visitors, and those of Xàbia.com make a total of 309.238 visitors. Total, 927.276 unique visitors in the same period of time, 167.738 unique visitors more than the Marina Plaza. And that taking into account that we talk about the coverage of only two municipalities, compared to the whole of the region that covers our competition.

The same thing happens when we talk about page views, the broadest and most generic measurement data. Without moving from that period of time, from June to November, Dénia.com has obtained 1.544.851, and Xàbia.com 1.114.902. In total, 2.659.753 page views. A figure well above the 2.515.032 page visits that the digital district has had. And everything, we insist, covering only two localities of the region.

Use these objective data to inform our readers of reality through the numbers offered by two audience analysis platforms. Welcome be the competition. But with the truth ahead, that always.

Growth year after year

The growth of Dénia.com is a trend that has been following year after year. A growth that would not be possible without the support of companies that rely on us every day to publicize their products and services, to whom we owe special thanks for the support they show us year after year.

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