The victory of CFS Mar Dénia against CFS S&C Publicidad Aspe secures a good position in the table

February 22 from 2022 - 12: 43

Difficult commitment for the Dianense team that received the visit of the Aspense team, which was presented with the mark of eight consecutive games without defeat. But the local team was not intimidated and jumped onto the track convinced of their chances.

From the initial whistle, both teams quickly put the rival goalkeepers to the test, with multiple chances in both goals and although it was Mar Dénia who had more chances, it was Aspe who opened the scoring in the 7th minute, making it 0-1.

Hard blow that did not change at all the mentality of the Dianense team that did not give up their efforts and in the 12th minute it was
Jose Martí who scored the 1-1 and a minute later Luis Llinares with an outside shot scored the 2-1 that materialized the comeback and with which the rest of the match was reached.

The second half continued along the same lines and both teams exerted strong pressure all over the field to prevent the rival from controlling the ball.

And as in the first half, it was Aspe who scored in the 24th minute, leveling the score again with the result 2-2. The occasions continued to occur in both goals, but Mar Dénia gradually managed to gain control of the ball and arrived with more danger in front of the rival goal and as a result of that pressure Nico Marí scored in the 27th minute 3-2 and four minutes then he scored again putting the 4-2 on the scoreboard.

The CFS Mar Dénia lived its best minutes. The visiting coach risked and put player goalkeeper on the track in order to try to change the dynamics and wear down more to a Mar Dénia than yesterday due to injuries and sanctions he had only two goalkeepers and eight field players. But they knew how to suffer and defend the result and although in the 36th minute it was 4-3, the scoreboard would no longer move and the Dianense team achieved a great victory, badly conceded by the rival technical team who spent the game protesting and doing indications to the arbitral couple on the performance and placement of the public.

The next day, the CFS Mar Dénia will travel to the town of Elche to face the sole leader of the competition, an Irefrank Elche with only one game lost today, which will be difficult to beat, but in which, like You will always fight to the end. The match will be played next Saturday 26/02/2022 at 17:30 p.m. at the Pabellón de la Hoya in Elche (Alicante).

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