Gent de Dénia's "provisional solution" for the "provisional" bus station: portable urinals

February 14 from 2023 - 14: 13

The performance of Gent de Dénia has achieved its effect: calling passers-by's attention to the shortcomings of the city's bus station. They have achieved this thanks to the placement of dozens of colored portable urinals hanging from the containers that make up the installation.

This is how the party led by Mario Vidal has expressed the lack of minimal and decent services at the station, "however provisional it may be." A provisionality that is already half a decade old, and that for two years, according to the formation, Gent de Dénia asks in each plenary session about the toilets.

"We cannot allow users to have to ask for favors from nearby businesses or, worse, have to do it on the street," criticized Vidal. The bathrooms are still closed so that they are not destroyed, according to the Councilor for Urban Planning, Maria Josep Ripoll.

While a solution is reached, Mario Vidal's party lends its colorful potties.

  1. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    Ask :
    – Is it that DENIA cannot aspire to a decent building for users?
    I am not going to go into comparisons of whether the train/tram has cost as much or how much and whether or not it meets expectations.
    and that this plan has been made with the best will regarding a good comfort for the users.
    – And I ask: Doesn't the user of the bus or line car deserve the same consideration... Or is he perhaps a third-class citizen?
    – Political gentlemen. Don't you think that now it is necessary to demand a policy of equality, which does not only deal with the situation of the brains from the waist down?
    Good Morning.

  2. jopelin says:

    I give you an idea to the very progressive City Council that we have in Dénia. Do not spend money on rent and cleaning (I imagine you have thought about it) of the urinals. It is still cheaper for them to give a voucher to have a coffee in the bar the corner, and take the opportunity to URINATE.
    In May you have to vote. Remember

  3. Yolanda says:

    It's a shame that they call that a bus station. That's a halt with no bathrooms or cafeteria where you can have a drink while you wait. If it rains you get wet, because you don't get under those containers and if you want a taxi you have to wait an average of 15 minutes.
    Come on, it is a station that does not offer any service of what well-made bus stations offer. This has been a million-dollar botch from which someone will have benefited

  4. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    Nice image of Denia. Yes sir.
    Tourist and culinary city par excellence, if you come by bus!
    Good afternoon.

  5. maria ibanez rodriguez says:

    Hello Mario, you are absolutely right, they have to see services for people who wait for buses and cleaning staff for cleaning, thank you, people from Denia, thank you