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The police denounce a person who said to go shopping at the supermarket at 21:00, already closed

25 March 2020 - 12: 52

The interventions of the Local Police and National Police in Dénia continue to ensure that the decree of the state of alarm is complied with. During yesterday, 64 people were identified and 611 vehicles were controlled.

36 acts of denunciation were also opened, almost half that of yesterday, the majority by offenders who roamed the city without any justification or with unsustainable excuses. This is the case of a person accompanied by a minor on Sagunt Street, who stated that he would go to Mercadona to buy at 21:00 p.m., when the supermarket closes at 19:00 p.m.

Also yesterday, a moped was stopped and stopped at 1 am, whose driver stated that he was going to pick up food from a nearby vendor since he had just left work. Later, half an hour later, another patrol located him again between Marqués de Campo and Temple de Sant Telm, declaring that he had just left a company in that same place, his protests not coinciding.

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