Dénia Navy taught some courses for children combining paddle surf with gastronomy

02 July 2015 - 17: 02

Combine nautical sports with gastronomy and good food for the little ones. It is the objective of the new courses that will be taught in La Marina de Denia from the next 20 in July and that will be extended until just before the classes begin (10 in September).

Gabriel Martinez, Diego de Azaa and Antoni Morollo have paddle surf courses and gastronomy

The initiative, presented today at the same marina, has as its goal that children, from 8 to 12 years, enjoy full mornings, where they can have fun at sea, "learning and having fun with paddle surfing" and then learn to cook typical dishes "of the main world capitals of surfing, such as Bali or California". Finally, of course, you can savor those tasty dishes that they themselves have prepared. This was explained by Diego de Alzaa, who will be the instructor of the nautical activities, and Antonio Morollo, who will be the one who will teach the gastronomic classes.

These courses, which will be held Monday through Friday in the mornings, from 9: 00 to 14: 00 hours, will have a limit of attendees. The minimum will be of 8 participants and the maximum of 15, and it is intended that, if it works well, it will be repeated in the coming years and also imparted to older people and even adults.

In the words of Gabriel Martínez, director of the Navy of Dénia, this course "It aims to encourage the self-sufficiency of young people, who will learn to be at sea and cook their own food". It will be, in the words of Martínez himself "a very formative initiative, which has never been done before" and that will also be combined with rescue and rescue classes.

Ultimately, "to transmit the values ​​of surfing, of nautical sport, which always respects nature and in turn teach children to eat properly, in a very balanced way, at the same time that they can visit, with the flavors, places in the world where surfing is the main sport ".

The inscriptions for these activities, as well as the information on the rates can be found in the Marina of Dénia, in front of Sabor de Sal, by calling the 670520725 telephone or by emailing Diego de Alzaa, responsible for the course (diegodealzaa @ gmail .com).

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