Falla Saladar held the prologue of his 50 years in the presentation of Samantha Carbonell

11 October 2014 - 01: 10

In the 2015 Falla Saladar 50 will celebrate its anniversary. Half a century since the year 1965 the first monument planted in the neighborhood. Although the official celebrations will be next year, the commission wanted to take granota submitting your faller to begin the prologue anniversary.

Samantha Carbonell starred in a simple and moving ceremony in which he was accompanied by their presidents, Nuria Fornés and Rosa Piqueras, and the components of her court, who were on stage from the moment when the curtain opened.

Presentation Saladar 2015 - Samantha Carbonell

After being introduced, Samantha received the band credited as maximum representative of the Commission and thereupon proceeded to impose the wing into the rest of their companions fault.

Samantha Carbonell received a visit from the 2014, Mikel Sáez and charges Andrea Barber, who parted with two emotional speeches that repeatedly tore applause from the audience.

At the turn of pleitesías Samantha received visits from their children charges, the president of the Comission of Festes de la Mare de Deu, Councilman parties, and the faller of Denia, Carla Petrie.

The most anticipated moment for Samantha came with her exaltation, in charge of her sister Yaël, who remembered how little Samantha fallera was, with a great festive spirit since she was a little girl. At the end, the sisters hugged each other with tears in their eyes and Samantha, almost unable to speak, took the floor to remember her family and friends in the years she has been linked to the failure.

Saladar presentation 2015 - Exaltation

Once the act, the Saladar fails invited on stage to the representatives of the failures Diana Paris Pedrera and Camp Roig, the faults "salted herring", to share with them and the rest of the room a commemorative video of the 50 anniversary of the failure that marked the beginning of the celebrations.

As explained from the fault, the celebrations will extend over the next three years: this year will live as a prologue, the next will be full of celebrations and the third will serve as a review and analysis of the shared.

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