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La Falla Oeste celebrates its thematic Fridays again and participates in the 12 children's hours

10 September 2019 - 10: 25

With the arrival of September, the Falla West He has started again his Friday meetings in Casal Oeste. This past Friday, September 6, the theme of dinner was the flavors of Peru. A dinner prepared by Noa's father who liked everyone present. Now, the West Falla already prepares the following theme for this coming Friday.

On the other hand, the cowboy Xicalla of the West Falla participated on Saturday in the sports competition of the 12 children's hours. Despite the rain, the little ones had a great time with the soccer day.

They met at 10 hours at the city's Municipal Sports Center to warm up engines before playing their first game. Afterwards, they enjoyed a fantastic lunch to recharge for the following games.
Once again, the smallest of the commission showed their desire to have fun and their great spirit of brotherhood.

The winner of the 12 mixed children's hours was the Falla Port Rotes, who, from the West Falla, are congratulated and congratulations.

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