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The West Fault starts the countdown to failures with Mig Any

10 October 2019 - 10: 51

Last Saturday October 5 the commission of the Falla West He met in the Valgamedios Square to celebrate his traditional Mig Any that marks the beginning of the countdown towards the most awaited days by the faller commissions.

The commission started the party in the morning, when all those falleros and friends of the commission who wanted to participate put to work to prepare the best paellas that would be submitted to the contest. Moments of cooking and fun that were enlivened by the performance of the charanga Cachorras Band.

In the afternoon it was the turn of the smallest of the cowboy commission, who could enjoy a snack and enjoy in the inflatables.

At night it was the turn to get back together for dinner. On this occasion the evening was enlivened by the Rumbados group.

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