Falla Oeste will fire the first mascletà of the year to honor its flag

Event Date: March 10 2019
Event type: Party
Site: Plaza Valgamediós
Opening times: It is explained below
Starters: Free
Event finished

La West fails will celebrate, the next Sunday 10 of March, the Day of the Flag. A special day for the commission and for the failures of Dénia, since it also shoots the first mascletà of the year that marks the countdown for the big days of the failures of Dénia.

With this exercise 46 will be the years that the Falla Oeste will celebrate this emotional event where the commission charges will impose the bow ties accrediting the standards and flag of the fault. This year, the failure has the collaboration of the Shopping Center Portal de la Marina.

Flag Day Schedule

  • 10: 30 hours: Concentration of the commission of the Falla Oeste in the Valgamedios square.
  • 11: 00 hours: Collection of the commissions with the following order:
    - Falleres Majors de Dénia and Local Board
    - Les Roques
    - Darrere del Castell
    - Camps
    - Camp Roig
    - Paris Pedrera
    - Diana
    - Port Rotes
  • 13: 30 hours: Imposition of bow ties to the Western standard.
  • 14: 00 hours: Mascletà in the Valgamedios square.
  • 14: 30 hours: Tasting of peanuts, potatoes and lupins in Montcada Street for all attendees.
  • 15: 00 hours: Tasting of Valencian paella.
  • 17: 30 hours: Inflatable castles and fallero convoy with music.

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