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Public services

Courts Dénia (Alicante) are located in the Palace of Justice, a newly created.

Its address is Square Jaume I, number 23, standing between the square and the parking Torrecremada. Among its dependencies have the courts of first instance numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; magistrates court numbers 1, 2 and 3; Court of Violence against Women 1 number; Attorney's area; Common service notifications and embargoes Denia and the Civil Registry Office Dénia.

Dénia currently does not have any Commercial Court.

Court Dénia

Opening times

Dénia courts serve the public Monday through Friday from 8 to 15 hours.


To request an appointment in the court of Dénia, necessary for the Civil Registry, you can go to Calle Sandunga, 52 or Paseo del Saladar, 41.

Phone Numbers

Depending on the department you want to lead us there are different phone numbers Dénia courts which are shown below.

Office Deanery Court Dénia

Office of the Dean Court Denia is located in the building of the Palace of Justice. You can contact them on the phone 965938600.

1º Instance Courts in Dénia

What once it was known as criminal court has come to be divided into two types of court: first instance and instruction.

Courts of First Instance deal with civil matters. To contact them you need to call phones:

Court of 1ª Instance Number 1 of Dénia: 96 642 83 12 and 96 642 83 13
Court of 1ª Instance Number 2 of Dénia (headquarters of the Civil Registry office): 96 642 83 33 and 96 642 83 34
Court of 1ª Instance Number 3 of Dénia: 96 642 83 53 and 96 642 83 52
Court of 1ª Instance 4 of Dénia: 96 642 83 36 and 96 642 83 46
Court of 1ª Instance 5 of Dénia: 96 642 83 73 and 96 642 83 71

Magistrates court in Dénia

This trial, like all trial courts, treats criminal matters.
Dénia 1 Instruction Court: 96 642 83 22 and 96 642 83 23
Dénia 2 Instruction Court: 96 642 83 42 and 96 642 83 43
Dénia 3 Instruction Court: 96 642 83 47 and 96 642 83 49

Court of Violence on Women in Dénia

Dénia has a specific department for violence against women. Your phone is the 96 642 83 63 and 96 642 83 39.

Palau de Justice Dénia

Prosecutors area

Prosecution court Dénia area serves on the 965938726 phone.

Civil Registry Office

Civil Registry Office of Dénia, in the Court of Instance Number 1º 2, 965938607 serves on the phone.

Night Court

To view the calendar guards Dénia courts can visit the document of the Provincial Association of Lawyers of Alicante (ICALI)Which explains the guards of the year for weeks.

Nationality process in the Court of Dénia

The processing of nationality in the Dénia Court is done through the Civil Registry. To make an appointment, call 966428302 at least two days in advance.

judicial auction in the court of Dénia

Auctions in the courts of Dénia follow the same procedure as in the rest of the country, through the Auctions Unit that promptly holds them through its Common Service of Communication and Execution Acts.

In these auctions real estate, furniture and vehicles are included.


Plaza Jaume I, 23 -

  1. Rachel says:

    The phones are wrong you have to call ayto and then you get the phones ...

  2. Esther Torres says:

    I call the phones of all the courts for an urgent matter and none works. Either they have them hanged during work time or they are all wrong.

  3. Simon Tejedor Fontal says:

    Professionalism, efficiency, good time, and QUICK RESOLUTION OF THE PROBLEM PRESENT. Thank you.

  4. Beptsa says:

    As one does not respond by God santtooooo



  6. Francusca says:

    I have a serious problem ... I have my partner who is a lunatic ... and his mother 80 years is diabetic ... I'm taking care of the 2 ... but this lady has, 2 daughters over, who do not care ... do not leave us in peace ... I want's take ... no charge is more ... I put my pay, widows ..., daughters, of, this lady every time they drink ... come, nag ... without respect, her mother and brother ... beg aconsegen I can do? ... I feel bad leaving ... that would remain homeless mother and the 2 hilñjo past ... but I'm a real colvario ...

  7. Consol pons says:

    I would like to partner Registration Information d d done.
    Thank you

  8. Angeles says:

    If you could give from your average citizens the information not obtain from the institutions or the Ministry of Justice, nor the Civil Registry, on what conditions we are citizens who are waiting for the steps that have to be made in the Register Denia, on oath or affirmation of the Constitution in order to get the birth certificate, the registration in the Civil Registry for the Spanish documentation would be a great service to citizens because we are in a situation of legal helplessness and great impotence . Limbo in which we live does not correspond to a rule of law.

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