Civil Registry in Dénia

Plaza Jaume I, 23 See map
From Monday to Friday, from 09: 00 to 14: 00 hours
Public services

Civil Registry in the various procedures related to people's lives, from birth certificates and marriage certificates death certificates proving the death of a person as well as the certificate acts of last will take place. criminal record certificates are also reported and nationality is processed.

Process nationality in Dénia

By the Civil Registry in Spain it is allowed to begin the process of acquisition of Spanish nationality by foreigners resident in Spain who wish to obtain citizenship.

Those interested should contact the municipal civil registry offices, which in the case of dénia found in the Court of Instruction No. 2.

Dénia courts

Opening times

The schedule of registry offices Denia (Alicante) is the same as that of the courts; Monday through Friday from 8 15 the morning hours.


To make an appointment in the civil registration of Dénia is necessary to call the phone number 965938607 with at least two days before the desired date.

You can also make an appointment by visiting the website citapreviaregistrocivil.esWhich allows you to request an appointment at the offices of civil registration Dénia court without leaving home.


The office of the Civil Registry of Denia are located on the premises of the Court of Instance Number 1 2º at the Palace of Justice located in Plaza Jaume I, 23.


Plaza Jaume I, 23 -

  1. Juan says:

    I have clicked the links above to request an appointment and it turns out that my browser does not connect because the connection is not secured, and that the anti-virus has suppressed the function of analysis of the encrypted flows, which gave some problems like this .

    • Manual says:

      Hello Juan, I just tried it and it has not worked for me either, although it has not returned the error that you mention, it says that the site is closed for maintenance, so I guess it will be available again later.

  2. NASIR says:

    good Hi I need to know why it takes so much notice for the day of the oath of citizenship took a year without any response from civil registration after my grant nationality on 21 2016 January.

  3. you are says:

    good Hi I need to know why it takes so much notice for the day of the oath of citizenship I took 10 months without any response from civil registration after my grant nationality on February 08 2016 day.

  4. Maria says:

    Ana, ask for it online. Put literal marriage certificate Google application without a digital certificate if you know the data volume and page where you are enrolled. In the book of family leave data. No need to make an appointment if you know

  5. Ana says:

    Can someone please tell me how to apply imal marriage certificate for divorce and is called um million times and not cojen the phone thanks

  6. Hector Enrique Ayala Malpica says:

    I need to know if there will be a proximate mechanism to expedite juras for nationality and any subsequent delivery of birth, to look like they are taking two years according to information provided in the registration. Which they are saturated and your intentions are to give good service, but the lapzo time I see it very long. If you can give me information about it and I will be grateful if you can send me even better email: hema1969@hotmail.com , Thank you very much and wish you happy holidays and a new year filled with many 2016 peace, joy, health and prosperity.

  7. luna Brauns says:

    We were married on August 22 this year by the church and need to know how to get the certificate of bachelorhood. There is no information on the web, when I phone never catch me or are always communicating through the link and you can not make an appointment. It is unfortunate and embarrassing the service they are giving and do not understand why there is a phone number where you can make any questions. Of course, other countries administrations work much better. I was born in San Sebastian and I wonder if the certificate of bachelorhood I can ask in Denia or if I have to lead the civil registration of San Sebastián. I would also like to know what steps have to perform.


    Goodnight. What good is this website, if a person leaves comments has no answer. Ask for help for months by this route for CIIL Registration Denia, the birth certificate of my Father Luis Cardona Riera died.

    Also attach them to the location of the game in the civil registration of Denia:
    TOMO 38, 105 FOLIO first section, dated 14 / 05 / 1905.
    I thank the staff of Denia record what they can do.
    Writes from Venezuela

    But no answers

  9. Doris roldan says:

    Hello and I swear before the notary and I got the decision granting citizenship by residence the 08 / 02 / 2013 can apply for registration of birth with this resolution? Or do I have to wait for the link q my email?
    Thank you very much for the info

  10. HECTOR CARDONA says:

    I have five months starting asking the literal denacimiento my Father Dn Luis Cardona Riera through the consulate in Venezuela and I have not received a response.

    Will it be possible to obtain by this way ?. Data registration of birth in the civil register DENIA are:

    TOMO 38, 105 FOLIO first section, dated 14 / 05 / 1905.
    I thank the staff of Denia record what they can do.
    Writes from Venezuela

  11. maria says:

    I am Maria Radu with current address Street Galvez 2 A, Pina de Ebro, cod 50750 Zaragoza, but the date of delivering the record of the nationality i was living in Denia, Street Aquiles 16 la Pedrera date 3 April 2012 the reference 37759 / 2012-1.
    I called from Denia last year for telling me I had to have other requsitos but told him I no longer live in Denia because I've married the 26 January 2013 and am currently living with my husband the most mentioned Address: Galvez 2 to Pina de Ebro Zaragoza 50570 cod.
    the date of 25 / 04 / 2013 have prezentado us with the requirements corespondiente both original and copies as well as requested by the letter of the police station in Zaragoza when 9,30 min and said the curator of Zaragoza had to wait the letter at home and has not reached us no to this date.
    we have presented to the Commissioner to see what happened to process the file and told us we have to find out the result in the Civil Registry of Zaragoza we have presented ally and we released a paper saying he has denied me the requested nationality the date of 2 / 04 / 2012 Denia and I have to address the Civil Registry Denia.
    with all my respect I want to know what happened because it denied me the file to know rrecurir thank you very much greetings Maria Radu.

    • Angeles says:

      I would like to respond and feel unable to do so. I am not a law graduate and I can not offer solutions. I'll tell you what I would do if applicable, see how to turn, and in this case would have to consult a lawyer or re-submit all documentation the Commissioner of his new home. I say what I would do, not the solution. I'm sorry, I hope you get lucky and solutions nationality. a greeting

  12. Angeles says:

    Indicaros you can not apply online for the appointment in the civil registry, it is impossible to enter or request information.

    • Angeles says:

      Sorry, but the phone is impossible, they are constantly communicating. Is there any agency or institution that solution to the problems?

  13. Angeles says:

    After taking online the resolution of the nationality grant in which they indicate that they have sent the birth certificate to that registry and they indicate that the person in charge of the registry will inform me of the necessary procedures to obtain the registration and the Spanish documentation . Well, after queuing for hours, when the turn comes, the official tells us that she cannot give us the birth certificate, that the Constitution and loyalty to the King must be sworn before, but ... and here it comes the surreal. They are blocked and do not have appointments for the oath until after November 15, 2.015, and they cannot give appointments since they do not know what future the Registry has. We ask him to inform us of what we can do and ... he tells us to wait and see if it is resolved. That we can inform ourselves on television or radio. The situation of legal helplessness is astonishing in a democratic society of the XNUMXst century. That is, we can wait ... until "someone" of a solution, or consider us citizens. It is humiliating and third world.

  14. Valerie says:

    I want to know because they have not sent me the paper by mail to ID my daughter a year ago took the oath in Alicante in notaria my daughter is called Sara dimitrova De Smet I signed the pledge the 31 October last year thanks greetings

  15. maria says:

    I want to know the reason for the denial of record of the nationality thanks.

  16. Hector Cardona says:

    Good afternoon. I live in Venezuela and desire to obtain Spanish nationality for being the son of Spanish.
    For eelo, one of the documents that I submit is the birth of my father, which is in the civil registration of Denia (Alicante) Tomo 38, folio 105, 1 14ra section date / 05 / 2014.
    Could you help me get it? Thank you so much

  17. Caitucoli says:

    - Why do not you put a ticket dispenser as in stores?
    - It is unfortunate that so much time is still needed for a certificate of existence.
    Thank you.

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