The severe punishment of the Federation to CD Dénia Femenino: automatic relegation and without the possibility of recovering its category next season

May 18 from 2023 - 10: 28

Hard blow for the fans and players of the CD Dénia. The women's team has been excluded from the 1st Regional Valenta football competition. The harsh sanction was imposed by the Competition Committee of the Valencian Community Football Federation due to the fact that they were absent in four games during the current season.

The sanction entails a series of repercussions for CD Dénia. In addition to the women's team being excluded from the competition, the club must pay a fine of 90 euros and has been automatically relegated to a lower category. That is, if they decide to register for the next season, they must do so in the 2nd Regional Valenta.

However, the consequences are not limited to the loss of category and an economic fine. The sanction also prevents the club from ascending to the 1st Regional Valenta in the following season, even winning it all that season.

In addition, the withdrawal of a team from a competition organized by the federation imposes an obligation on the club. They must make a deposit of 600 euros at the Federation secretariat to be able to register, whatever the CD Dénia team is, in federative competitions in the following season, regardless of the category.

The exclusion of CD Dénia also has implications for the general classification. All the results obtained by the other clubs that have competed against them in the second round will be annulled, while the scores obtained during the first round will be maintained. The excluded club will automatically occupy the last place in the general classification, with zero points.

  1. Caesar says:

    Good Morning :
    This smacks of provincial abuse. They describe in full detail all the applicable punishments and if tomorrow in the BOE, which is Friday and it's time, they will publish it.
    But they say nothing about the absences and their reasons. Surely there will be more than one explanation that can be considered. This is the usual: FIT WITH THE DEVIL until an amateur team disappears, ruining the illusions of athletes, who knows if they frustrate some budding promise.
    I don't know the serious and irreparable causes; How serious are they for such a deployment of the football penal code against a modest women's football team.
    Nothing happened to Barcelona when they did not attend, I don't remember if it was in the Copa del Rey competition or similar.
    With all pride, and unbearable haughtiness. This has a name COWARD.
    Let the federation put its punishments through the mouth of its stomach.

  2. Juan says:

    The women's soccer team of CD Denia lost the category. If a club cannot comply with the rules of the federation, it is to punish. But if they register again in a low category by paying the registration, the federation will prevent promotion even though they will win the league?
    For me it is an unsportsmanlike decision of some officials…