The secret of celebrities at your fingertips in Asahi Welfare

Event Date: 22 October 2014
Event type: Other events
Site: Asahi Wellness
Starters: Free
Event finished

Asahi Welfare

AgeLoc, the secret of celebrities from half the world to look young and fresh, is now more within your reach than ever, because in Asahi Welfare they have it prepared for you totally exclusively.

Participate in the open day that celebrate next Wednesday 22 in October and you will be surprised with the results obtained by this novel treatment in a free demonstration.

AgeLoc is a technology developed to combat the genetic evnejecimiento of the body whose results are immediate. In the same session you can rejuvenate up to 3 years!

If you want a personalized demonstration, make an appointment for that same day at Asahi Bienestar.

Asahi AgeLoc Welfare

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